Build 1965

New build is here!

Rough quick list of changes:

  • Add new “usb mode” (in device settings page 2), for enabling the dwarf as USB MIDI device
  • Overall improvement to the way gains are changed within the device, feels much smoother now
  • Tweak knob step of new addressings (will use 201 steps now. hold down the knob to move faster)
  • Bugfix Cyan showing up twice on led cycle lists
  • Add headphone to quick items
  • Fix trigger assignments on encoder crashing
  • Align trigger assignment text
  • Bugfix empty encoder names not showing up when loading a new PB
  • Make subpages color reflect main page color
  • Allow to open/close list overlay by pressing the encoder
  • Swap BPB and BPM in the tempo tool
  • Fix long encoder presses not being registered (for [Fixed] ModDwarf stuck in Start System Upgrade menu - #2 by ericfontainejazz)
  • Remove old hacky behaviour for cpu 100% on xrun
  • Fix window title for several save dialogs
  • Set pedalboard modified flag when a param changes or plugin moves
  • Update kernel to 5.10.10
  • Disable temperature monitor dump to csv files

Testing on the new USB MIDI mode would be very appreciated.
(And in turn, you get the feature working well too)

There are 3 modes:

  • network (default)
  • net+midi
  • net+midi (windows)

The last one is required if using Windows.
Note that (a somewhat recent build of) Windows 10 is required if you want this working on Windows, because it relies on composite USB device support.

After you change the mode, click down with the right-most knob once to activate the dialog asking for reboot (which is needed for this feature)


I’ve been trying the midi, both on arch linux & debian 10 & OpenWrt with the “net+midi” and “net+midi (windows)”, and on Windows with “net+midi (windows)”. It is working great without issue.

My first question is what is the usefulness of “net+midi” over “net+midi (windows)”, considering “net+midi” works on fewer devices than the windows variant (or am I missing something)?

And one small comment is the description could be improved in mod-ui from the non-descriptive “USB Gadget MIDI 1”:

To something like “Mod USB MIDI”, or “Mod USB port A MIDI” (because that port is labeled “A” on the back of the mod), or “Mod USB Guest MIDI” to distinguish from the USB host port, or “Mod USB Computer Port”. I don’t know.

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macOS does not have support for the RNDIS-style driver used in windows mode, that is basically it.
Linux works with both though, so for openwrt it does not really make a difference.

Getting a proper name for this in the webgui is difficult yes haha.
I left it as-is from the system, because I could not think of a really good one either.

Suggestions are very welcome.

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ok, I should have guessed macOS is the reason for that “net+midi”. But how about using:

net+midi (mac+unix)
net+midi (win+unix)

That way it is more obvious why one would want to set to one or the other.

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There are more OSes out there than unix.
HaikuOS is POSIX but not UNIX, for example.

You should really use the net+midi all the time except if using Windows.
Windows is the odd one here, everyone else knows how to handle a CDC network device.

It is still early to tell, but when we activate audio we might end up with just 2 options. default and +midi+audio, as we are investigating Windows drivers.
class-compliant usb audio and windows is an odd mix…