Bug snapshot change through ipad or iphone


I came across a ‘functionality’ that could be a bug. When loading a pedalboard (using a cable) in my ipad, I am unable to change snapshots through the menu as I can do on my computer. I send two screendumps that illustrates the issue:

  1. Unusual view of the snapshots in the editor using 'load/manage snapshots: it only presents the current snapshot in the list.
  2. When clicking on the current snapshot you get the second picture, you can select the other snapshots, but this has no effect on the actual snapshot selection. It freezes on the current one.

(this is true for all my pedal boards, the one in the pictures I I loaded from the portal web)


Picture 1:

Picture 2:

It’s funny that you mentioned that bug, I noticed it but didn’t think it was a bug until you mentioned it!!
One time my snapshot list had doubles of everything so instead of 5 snapshots I had 10!!