Bug in Guitarix Detune

Detune glitches and adds noise:

After having the machine on for a coupla’ hours the Detune plug in will glitch, add noise and generally freak out.

I’ve corrected this by simply rebooting the unit but it happens often.

At boot up the plug in works properly…until it doesn’t. Again, after a few hours.

Release: 1.71
Controller: Melo MIDI Commander
Windows 10

Thanks for the report.

Are you using a Duo or Duo X?

@brummer any ideas what this might be?

Mod Duo.

No, I’ve not really a idea what it is.
The question would be, did it the MOD DUO work flawless when you switch of the Detune plug ?

If yes, it properly is a misbehave in the internal buffer handling, like a counter didn’t reset correct (The detune use a couple of internal loops) . If no, it sounds like memory corruption.
Currently I’ve no idea how any of this could happen.
Seems I need to run a long session to reproduce the error.

Yes, when I switch off the Detune the rest of my Mod Duo works just as it should but like I said, to get the Detune to work again properly I need to reboot the device. Once it goes squirrely it won’t reset but turning on and off the Detune by itself.

I’ve also started to shut the Mod Duo off when not in use to avoid this. If I use it for more than a coupla’ hours it does it again however.

I should add that I’m using the Detune for octave down when this happens. Dry and wet around 2 o’clock, mid and treble up a good bit (mid around 3 o’clock and treble around 5 o’clock) and bass around 1 o’clock.

I’ve checked the source and wasn’t able to locate a possible issue. (That didn’t mean there is non). What makes me wonder a bit is that the Detune usually free all used memory on deactivation and allocate new memory on activation. During that as well all internal counters been reset. So, even if it freak out, a deactivation should be enough to restore usual behavior. Is it possible that this bug have a relation to a updated fftw library? As it seems that some memory is in use which should be cleaned up when restart the plug.

Well I update my library (and firmware) regularly when available but it definitely doesn’t go away when simply deactivating and re-activating the Detune.

It looks like it will take some time before I’m be able to fix this bug, in the mean time, you may want to try the Super Whammy instead. I’ll return here when I found the culprit.

Thanks for the suggestion. The Super Whammy uses far more CPU though no?