Brutal pedalboard

this pedalboard has 2 simply snapshots main and lead, there are 2 different amps standard captures panned. I also tried with light captures but are soooo different from the original.

Friedman HBE
hbe L 2 esr 0.035.json (53.4 KB)
recommended an Orange PPC 4x12 V30 IR

Dual Rectifier
recto R 3 esr 0.073.json (53.3 KB)
recommended a Mesa straight 4x12 V30 IR


I’ve checked them out and indeed they are brutal :slight_smile:

The hbe sounds really good with a OD in front. Very snarky with percussive riffs - need to record something the next time. Used a YA Mesa 2x12 Mix with my HB Bariton, dropped A, -6db

I had to dial back the input even more to not be overpowered by the bassfreq. But this is also dependend on your personal setup.

The recto is even more bass heavy. But also very usable when dialed in.
Tested with a R446 dropped C with Rockinger Troublemakers.

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I used it in 2 songs of my live set with an ESP Eclipse w/EMG in Drop C. Anyway the thing most important in a rig (IMHO) is always the IR (or the speakers)

totally agree. I also tend to dial in my guitar sound “mix” ready - so there is enough room for another guitar and bass.

Did you go directly to the PA or FRFR cab when you played live?

It depends by the venue, by the audio guy…
If I go live with AxeFxIII I don’t need anything because everthing is already cabled with in ear and the sound guy must only give me some bass an drums on input 3 of this rig and my gtr (in-out1) and vocals (in-out2) are mixed by myself to out3 (in ear) and this is my “mix ready”

The pedalboard “brutal” is a small copy of this rig

In small gigs (clubs with strange venues) if the audio guy prefer to use mono signals so I have another similar rig and I can use 2 FRFRs in series or I deactivate the IR and I use a 2x12 Orange, I don’t have any problems to switch from full digital to full analogic. He prefer when I play full digital: less work for him and less weight for everyone :joy:

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This pedal boards is absolutely lovely! Thanks for sharing this!!

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No tricks, no portals for use less CPU, only some global mastering: with standard captures we can run 2 AIDA-X and a “standard” pedalboard.


that sounds great! 2xAIDA and 2 IR loaders is pretty impressive.

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That sounds great! Really cool!

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yeah this sounds amazing!! we need MOAR brutality around here!

I noticed that when I’m not playing anything I get a ton of hum – I’m using double humbuckers but I installed them myself so who knows if I messed up the innards :smiley: Anyone else getting this? I added a noise gate to the front of the chain and that works well.

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You can use also the noisegate built on Dwarf.
Anyway also in phisical amps you will have some kind of noise/feedback on high values of gain: those captures are both at 7 of gain :wink:


oh cool! I didn’t realize there was a noise gate right on the pedal – still getting used to this thing! Thanks!!


Also may be the input signal might be too hot. Did you lower the input gain?

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no – I’ll give that a shot too. Thanks @Kim !!

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