Brunetti 059 / Amp captures for AIDA-X

Hi! I’ve done some captures from my amp and I want to share them with you:

Brunetti 059

These are captures from my Brunetti 059 via line output using the 20W power amp.

Captures from CH1 are using the Bright switch ON. I’ve made two captures one of the with the PLEXI mode ON.

Captures from CH2 are using PLEXI mode ON, RAW swith ON and GAIN at 7.

Captures from CH3 with RAW switch ON and GAIN at 9.

I’ve made the captures with different weights to play with them in different pedalboards and CPU requirements.




The AIDA-X team has released the AIDA-X Cloud:

Would you upload your models there? :pray:

Yes! Gianfranco, I uploaded the models the same day I posted them here.


thanks a lot :slight_smile: