Brummer - Rumor

New now in the beta store, the Rumor:

It is what the description said, pure, nasty, growing, with cutting presence.


Hope I soon find time to test it

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Thank you so much for being so active sharing plugins.
I still want to test the Collision Drive and the Harmonic Exciter (just managed to install them and load them into a test board, but not much more. Now I have one more to add there :wink:

Please share some pedalboards using it with sound samples guys :slight_smile:

Here is a little example for using the Rumor. Just basic setup with Supersonic and ModernCab with default settings.


As an avid MOD fan (and Bassist) very excited to trial.
Is this now in the Plug-In Store?
Amazing, would love to see more Bass specific pedals emerge over time (although you can pretty much create Bass sympathetic signal chains given the versatility of the MOD platform).


Thanks for sharing the example @brummer! It’s sounding nice :wink: I really need to try it out

Not bypassing @brummer on the answer, but I guess it is already in the beta section.

Noted :wink:

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+1. +1000 if I could.


Added this to my huge ambient metal board this morning and it’s delicious! Nom nom nom, tasty tones :slight_smile:


@BaconWizard I’m glad to hear you like it. Never said it here, so it’s time: this one is based on the famous Devi Ever Ruiner Pedal


@brummer I’ve been testing the Rumor for some minutes now. In general it sounds great! However, while running a noise gate in front of it, I noticed, that when the input signal is fading out, there is some “phasing noise”. Not sure how to describe it.

Are you interested in a sound sample?

Yes, sure. But to be honest, noise artefacts on low level input been expected from a plug like this. Check out this vid about the Ruiner, you could hear what happen when the input shift down:

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