Brummer - FatFrog

A new plug arrived in the Beta Store, the FatFrog:

This is a High Gain Amplifier simulation, developed to compliment the MetalTone pedal.
One Note: There is a Noise Filter implemented which could (only) switched on in the parameter view, it restrict the Amplifier frequency range, but helps a lot when you diving deeper into High Gain.

enjoy your MOD :metal:

@LievenDV this is in beta now, so that we could easily change the UI later on.



I hope to find some time this week to fire it up!



Mad props to you Mr. Brummer, you are a rather prolific person on the plugin development for MOD.

Thanks for your hard work!


@brummer Looking forward in testing it! I will do this this evening after returning home. Many thanks brummer! (the name of the plugin is good!)


Thank you so much @brummer! @Elk_wrath is really right, I kind of have no doubts that this one is also great.
Is anyone here willing to share their pedalboards testing it? I’m curious to see/listen what you guys get out of it :wink:
Although it is targeted for guitar and mostly I’m curious to try it that way, it’s an high gain plugin so… @Elk_wrath kind of I feel like challenging you to stab it on one of your noisy synth chains to see what happens :wink: and of course, share it with us :slight_smile:


Well, you may be in luck!

My softpop 2 is at home on my desk waiting for me to get off work :wink:


I guess we will all be in luck, indeed :wink:


@brummer Wow! It’s brilliant. The FatFrog! I have a lot of fun with this since I came home from office (round about two hours without a minute of break). It is not only fine for high gain as you wrote, it is also roaring; you can perfectly use it for Rock, Rock n’ Roll etc. Again a brilliant plugin! I really love it.

What I really like about that FatFrog: The sound does not become muddy. The strings are still very differentiated despite high distortion.That is very cool.

By the way… I am also fit in graphics, I did a lot of in my lifetime. My problem is the time. Sometimes I could help you out but I am a CTO of a company, thus I have not much time…


Thanks @Kim for your review. That was exactly what I tried to accomplish. :smiley:


@brummer I am currently working on two designs- I think I will finish it today. I will post it here, then I need your opinion, ok?


@brummer I absolutely love this plugin! I’ve been looking for this kind of overdrive for a long time, thank you! I’ve got low gain and high gain presets already dialled in in just a few minutes. The Bright and noise filter switches are both subtle but effective. Such a great plugin!

As a bassist I’d love a version where I could sweep the mid-range frequency (possibly also set the freq for the high and low shelves too :slight_smile: ) - would more than happily pay for a pro version of this.

For anyone looking for a distortion that sounds like the end of the world, couple this with the Rumor fuzz before it :wink:


@brummer I’ll really like you approach of releasing new plugins. But I have a hard time to dial in a great tone with this or maybe my understanding of high gain is a bit off. Although I have a telecaster i never had a problem to get a high gain sound from other amp sims.

@Kim maybe you can post you setup and help me out? :wink:

Hi @spunktsch Yes, I will upload three different pedalboards tomorrow as examples. Today it will be not possible because I have a gig right after office.


Well, I went out of my way to grab something stupid for this video.

Hope you enjoy lmao

You’re gonna see the face of buyers regret about halfway through lol


That… is pretty awesome. I’ve been eyeing those dumb little things and now can imagine actually using one.


I was actually kinda surprised at what I got out of it.

My oldest daughter loves the otomatone, so she is now a proud owner, but I can borrow it back if I ever want to mess around with it some more. It actually has some potential as a decent noise source lol


Ha! What a fun video.

the higher notes sounded better and when slowed down and mellowed down, I could hear a dystopian sci-fi movie opening or something :smiley:


That otomatone unfortunately doesn’t have any note markers, and I had opened it like 20 minutes before recording haha, I had never used one before.

Sadly I noticed that it has a great sweet spot at the higher octaves of the low setting, and the lower octaves of the medium setting. Of course you have to choose either one or the other, no ability to dial in the octaves you want :frowning:

I wouldn’t subject anyone to the highest setting with this board, but I think there will be some interesting horror sounds coming out of the high setting with a proper effects board.

I may or may not continue experimenting with this thing, either way it was kinda fun haha


Wow Elk! Awesome!!!


@Elk_wrath Did you paint the picture in the background?