Box for Arduino + shield

Any suggestions?

I am searching for a nice box that can hold both the Arduino and the shield, preferably with proper holes for the connections.

…or an Expression pedal that could have it all inside?
… sort of like the example here:

Take a look here. It’s a little too big for just the Arduino&Shield but it really shouldn’t be much smaller imho.

If that would be sth for you, i can look up what kind of enclosure this is (i guess hammond).

Drilled/Filed all the holes myself, a bit of a pain in the ***, but still doable for a novice.

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Yes, that is nice!
I am not sure I’m on your level of DIY, though… :slight_smile:

i also thought about putting the arduino&shield inside a exp-pedal, first, but i didn’t finde one that had enough room inside. Especially the RJ45 sockets make it hard to fit the shield in a tight space.

edit: also look, what jesse did (blog). Much easier to craft than my device. I would recommend this approach anyway - my first design was in a cardboard-box.

Yes, it will probably make the pedal big and clumsy.

I am following Jesse’s blog. :slight_smile:
It works great, maybe thats the best approach.

  • I’ll see what I can find…