Boss GP-10 over usb midi/QJackCtl? Possible?

Can someone in the know take a quick look at this and tell me if this is possible on the DuoX? I realise I might have to figure it out for myself and pass on my findings, but before I dig myself a huge hole I thought I’d ask if it’s even possible.

The Boss GP-10 is one of the GK systems for polyphonic guitar to midi. The problem is it doesn’t have 5 pin midi, it has non class compliant USB midi that requires a driver on pc or mac to be functional. I just came across this post on the Vguitar forum and thought it might work, but I have no idea.

Boss GP-10 - How to implement 5 pin MIDI I/O with Raspberry Pi

The only other option apart from a raspberry pi is kind of pricey, but proof it’s at least possible to translate the midi information.

Thanks in advance for any help and ideas! :beers:

p. s. who the hell makes a polyphonic guitar to midi device that works, but doesn’t think midi ports are important? :roll_eyes:

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Not only guitar to midi processors, but their shitty midi implementation in other devices and lack of Midi Ins is remarkably stupid. The GP10 is a tragic example: they went all the way to pay for the rights for using USB logo and licence and simply did not make it class compliant.