Boss Dimension C / Roland Dimension D SDD-320 Emulation?

Does anyone know if there is a plugin that emulates the Boss Dimension C and Roland Dimension D SDD-320.

This is a classic sound which are in sooooo many records. I’d love to be able to have that sound and only have four buttons (plus bypass) just like the unit.
Boss just announced that they are releasing the Waza Craft Dimension C pedal. There is a switch on it do the SDD-320 sounds! :star_struck:

If you own a Line 6 MM4 (The big blue pedal) then you have an emulation of it.

I’m about to pull the trigger on pre-ordering the Boss pedal but then I thought about how I may be able to get the sound on my Duo. It’s such a classic sound so I’m not sure if it can be made with a combination of things. It just might be one of those things that need to be emulated.


Hello @Skydiver
I have made a modest attempt myself recently to create a chorus similar to the analog BBD effects. It’s a free and open source plugin, unfinished, for which I made a pre-release for available for the the MOD. (look at “Development builds”)

The user interface is nowhere as developed in current state as the computer version is, but it can access all parameters in the settings panel.
I’m not musician and don’t have any experience in any of the real units, but I will love to know what a musican thinks of the work so far, and what I can make better.


I’d love to try it.
Unfortunately, I never learned how to download and install from Github…

I have to confess, I’m not owner of a mod device myself and I am not familiar at all with the ways to distribute and set up the programs on it.
I have received feedback about one user who tried and succeeded, on a mod-compatible device, and it’s as much as I know.

I’m terribly sorry that I can’t be really helpful, but maybe someone will be able to offer some guidance.
On my side, I don’t know if/how I could distribute a beta in a simple way that users can access.

I’m sure someone here can help me.

Can anyone show me how I can take jpcima’s plugin and use it in the Duo?

Hi @Skydiver,
point your browser to and start reading from the Docker section.
Have you any experience with the command line? Are you using Windows on your machine? I’m asking because your case (“I just found this online and want to try”) is probably worth a special page in the MOD Wiki.

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I tried to compile the ensemble-chorus for the Duo. It seems to be using Juce and X11 which results in an error. You could still listen to the examples on the Github page or try to compile it for a normal PC.

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I consider myself a power user of the Duo but have no idea on how to do this programming stuff…
Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time to learn it right now… but I really want to try this plugin.

Looks like jpcima provide pre-build binary’s for the MOD here:

So you just need to download it , unpack the zip, point a terminal to the folder were you’ve unpacked it, and run

tar cz EnsembleChorus.lv2 | base64 | curl -F 'package=@-'

Be aware I ain’t have test or install this one, just have a quick look at the package and see it comes with modui and in the correct file format, ELF 32-bit LSB pie executable, ARM, EABI5 version 1


I don’t know how to point my terminal to it…

I’m on a mac. I have the terminal open…

If you’ve downloaded, go to your Downloads directory in Finder and open the .zip file to extract it. Then in the terminal:
cd ~/Downloads
If you run ls you should see EnsembleChorus.lv2 in the output. If so, you’re good to run the command @brummer shared to push lv2 bundle to your Duo.


Thanks for the instructions.
I was able to get the plugin into my Duo.

I’m going to play with this later.


Good job you guys!

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Unfortunately I am not able to place it on a pedalboard.

It shows in the bottom with all the other plugins but when I drag it into the pedalboard I get an error.