Bollie Delay XT - getting out of beta?

I don’t know why I’ve just found this Bollie Delay XT - MOD Audio since it’s out since October 2017 !? It is quite a nice upgrade of the Bollie Delay ! Love the fact that the EQs are affecting the feedback !!! Thanks @Bollie !!!


  • I’m not sure I understand the Crossfeed feature, can anyone explain this to me ?
  • The feedback doesn’t do anything while the ping-pong mode is ON, Crossfeed does what the feedback should do, is it a bug ?
  • could it be possible to add 5/4 and 7/4 to the DIV. CH. options ?
  • what is missing th get this plugin join the non-beta section ?

We are pushing this plugin to stable soon, only got pushed to beta a few weeks ago that is why you didnt see it before.
Author has moved on from doing LV2 plugins, but we still find this specific plugin extremely useful


oh, sorry to hear that, and cool if you can take the work further !

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Oh I forgot this on : the on/off switch in the UI is upside-down : it’s on when it’s down


Does this delay have a tap tempo function?
I like it because the sound quality allows it to be quite close to an analog delay.
In the normal version, tap tempo was possible.

Yes, it does

The tap tempo function could be used with the unit’s global tempo without any problems.

The delay side must be set to mod/host.

Gobal Tempo Tutorial