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Bollie Delay

This stereo tempo delay features high pass and low pass filters as well as host tempo. When using it with the MOD Duo on software version >1.2.0, then please assign a footswitch to Host/MOD-Tempo. Otherwise you can assign the tap button to a foot switch. Always make sure to set the correct tempo mode. Enjoy! :-) And feedback is always welcome.


Plugin screenshot
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Hi, I’m reaching out to see if you would consider updating the plugin so the Global Tempo value would update the Current Tempo value when the plugin is set to MOD/Host Tempo Mode. Currently it does not update with this value. Thank you!


Sorry to necro this really old post, but why does the tap tempo option on this delay do nothing? If you set the mode to “Tap” and then click the tap button, nothing changes. Is this a bug or intentional?

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Heey Micahvdm, I have tested this today and the tap function does work. However, the Current Tempo indicator does not seem to update for either the MOD/host, User Tempo, or Tap Tempo so this is actually a bug. I will make a ticket for this so we can look into it.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


That is fixed now in build 2.6-7, thanks for the report!