BlueLab Audio VST ports?

Completely free now! :pray::pray::pray:

Maybe someones interested in porting these?

Totally overlooked plugins that are MEGA powerful and I use over some of my paid ones :ok_hand:

Hmmm… a few… challenges. The original vendor’s page is gone, but someone in that thread cloned the code repository and the binaries. Sadly, the URL for the code times out for me. The repo doesn’t appear to be on github, either. So, there’s no way to port it until whomever has the repo clone puts it somewhere accessible. Once it’s available, someone could take a look and see what might be involved in porting. Also, one user says the code is GPL, but since the code isn’t available, I can’t confirm that.

I have a full backup in GitHub - falkTX/bluelab-plugins: All BlueLab plugins and apps

but the build procedure is custom scripts and manually tweaking files, and since the author basically gave up and disappeared it is best for us to leave it alone.


damn, that really sucks :frowning: Theres nothing to be done about this?

either learn how to code and start maintaining it yourself, or find someone else to do it.

the entire opensource ecosystem needs more hands that contribute back, there are very few people that work and maintain such projects, and even less are those that stay active after a few years.


I understand :slight_smile: