Blue Sky Day

This song is Collab Work, with original Music and Lyrics by Aldo (aka Sedda), from “A Member of the Public”, from Australia.
Sedda asked my if I can make my own version of his song, Blue Sky Day, and I followed his lead.
Beautiful song, with a joyful and hopeful message.

As the saying goes;
“Fair Winds and Following Seas”
I am dedicating this song to all peoples searching for peace and hope in our troubled world.

Blue Sky Day

Blue sky day, blue sky day,
Is there anything better than this?
Everyone, come out to play,
This blue sky is just pure bliss
Blue sky dreams I can’t resist

Oh I want you so much,
How I long to feel your touch
But even when you’re miles away,
We’re as one on this beautiful day
Oh hold me close,
Don’t you ever let me go
Oh hold me close,
Let me bask in your afterglow

Blue sky dreaming on these blue sky days,
Not a cloud to be seen
The sun is out you can feel its rays,
This blue sky is so serene
I’m just lost in my blue sky dream