Blog post about how I use the Duo :)

Just wrote a thing on my blog about some of the ways I use the Duo - it’s aimed at non-Duo owners, so may come across as a little basic here, but some of you may find it useful :slight_smile:



cool… way to put the DUO out there, steve!

i’m curious about the 83.9% CPU load shown in your screen-grab of your main pedalboard, along with the fact that you’ve got some beta plugins in there. do you see the issue of occasional single xruns which i discuss a bit here?:

…and are you running at 128 or 256 frames?

cheers, buddy!


hey! This configuration is pretty stable - I swap out the distortions for different pedals a lot (I’m an improvisor so don’t ever need to repeat the same sounds from gig to gig, and that’s a good way to mix things up) and there are some combinations that cause xruns, and I stopped using the Calf Multiband limiter for that reason (I LOVE that plugin so much and hope it gets stabilised at some point!) but with this one, it’s actually rather solid… Consistently high CPU, but I’ve tweaked it to maximise CPU usage… if it was any lower I’d just add more pedals :smiley:


p.s. the WOV is pretty great, eh?! :mage:


Awesome blog post, @solobasssteve! Any chance you could upload that pedalboard?


sure - I thought I’d uploaded a version of it, but I just searched the pedalboards and couldn’t find it. Will add it ASAP :slight_smile:


…in the meantime, is that running at 128 or 256 frames? :slight_smile:

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128 - I couldn’t deal with the latency at 256

…and I tried to upload the pedalboard the other day, but it failed for some reason. Will try again now :slight_smile:


here’s the board, if anyone wants to play with it - - (I thought the upload had failed because I hadn’t clicked the beta tab on the right to be able to see it :smiley: - if someone from the MOD team wants to delete the first one, that’d be fine)

Loads of stuff is addressed to MIDI control - on/off for the overdrive/trem/chorus/and the input A/B switches for the sub octave and shimmer (I found with the octave it was more stable if I left it on and sent signal to it than trying to turn the effect on and off - ahhh, the benefit of all those hours of trying to maximise the utility of every last 1% of processing power :wink: )

Anyway, have a play with it - I may swap out the main overdrive soon, just because I’ve been using the BoobTube a lot and need a change…


Here’s a brand new video that uses this same board:

The wah is a Dunlop crybaby mini bass wah, and some of the overdrive is from an MXR fuzz, but almost everything bassy here is duo, including the shimmer verb, sub octave, filter, and the basic tone (see screengrab in the above blog post for exactly what’s available :wink: )

The track is the opening piece from my new solo album, which is out on Sept 2nd for muggles, but the pre-release of it should have arrived with those of you that subscribe to me on Bandcamp today :smiley: :smiley:


…aaand another video from the new album, that shows how I use the Shiro verb (the paid-for version) in a side chain with a footswitch to create pads. This also has the MOD pitch shifter on it, an envelope filter and I use the looper for some slightly glitchy sample effects later on (the main loop is in my Looperlative LP1)

It’s from my new album The Arctic Is Burning, which is out Sept 2nd, or available to Bandcamp subscribers now at :slight_smile: x

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…for those that are interested, the whole album is out today, and absolutely buried in Duo sounds :wink:

Listen/buy/download etc. here -