Blinking tempo light

Hi there,

Is there a tool/plugin/possibility to have one of the light or led buttons blink in the actual bpm-tempo - via MOD or tapping?



Yes, you can assigne the bpm to a footswitch from the small window at the bottom right :

Or you can go to the tempo mode by pressing the B and C switches and get a tap tempo on the C switch :

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Thank you, that’s a step forward.
Next question; in my delay (Bolly) I use the tap delay.
Is it possible to get that bpm as a blinking light as well?

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I would love it too

By the way, it could be an easy enough do it yourself project with an arduino, receiving midi clock

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The Bollie plugin has not implemented the use of HMI (the thing introduce thanks to looperative that enables for the plugin to interact with the screen and the leds).
But if you sync the tempo of the plugin with the MOD/Host, the switch you’ve made blink with MOD tempo will sync the delay.

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