Blackstar midi pedal control

I have received my Dwarf and it’s working great so far. So much to explore.

I have the Blackstar Live Logic Midi pedal. I assume I can connect that to the midi in on dwarf and use the Blackstar 6 buttons/expression pedal to control the dwarf pedalboard.

Are there any guides to this? I’m unsure once connected how I connect the buttons and expression pedal to parameters on dwarf. Any pointers or advice would be much appreciated.



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I set the blackstar to custom programming on the back switch. Plugged it in via USB. Configured it in the web portal midi section. It was then just a case of selecting a pedal and selecting the mapping - midi - save → Select button. That let’s me turn pedals on and off with the blackstar. Very easy.

Now I would like to connect 1 button to multiple pedals/operation Is that possible?


In this instance your pedal is sending midi cc messages, correct?

I haven’t exactly attempted using my midi expression pedal with the dwarf yet, but I am assuming that within the plug-in itself, you can just assign the parameter to the midi function.

Here is one of the plugins I use in everything:

I circled the icon that you want to tap in order to assign parameters.

You will get a page that looks like this (my tabs are purple because they are assigned):

In this image, I have selected a particular parameter that I want to assign. As you can see, it’s assigned to the device itself.

You can see the “assign to” text and 4 selectable tabs.

Select midi, like so:

Theoretically that should allow the dwarf to midi learn your pedal and assign whatever parameter you want to the various outputs on your midi pedal.

Hope that helps!

Also, in terms of assigning multiple parameters to a single button or knob, I cannot answer that, but I’d think not. Someone with more technical chops might be able confirm or deny that.


Here you need a bit of a workaround and use the CV plugins. Check here in general how to use them.
I believe the Control to CV will help you out with the MIDI mapping and then you need to map the output of it to all the parameters that you want that MIDI control to control.


Thanks João!

I knew that someone with the technical chops would be able to offer a solution!

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Believe me that I still feel mostly a beginner in the MOD platform :wink:

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Well the good news is that you know more than us, and you’ve always been a tremendous help!

It took me ages to realize that you were the person who helped me with my dwarf purchase on reverb. I’m still really impressed by the interaction we had there, and even cooler to know that you’re a regular on the forum!

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Thanks for the pointers and link :slight_smile: Rock on

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The wiki docs and plugin for Control to CV is sweet - got it working with live logic in 10 minutes. That is a refreshing change. I’m beginning to believe Dwarf will open new doors to creativity on the stage
:musical_keyboard: :guitar: :saxophone:

Expression pedal set up next into live logic.

The gui is put together really well too.

This looks to be a real game changer as it looks like creators have blended the best of mutiple domains.

I must thank the kickstarters who funded this stuff - that is a risky business and requires lots of patience. I know from experience.


@Elk_wrath thank you so much for the warm words. I actually was not really aware of our interactions on Reverb (although I had a feeling about them) :sweat_smile:
I’m really glad that I helped you joining the MOD family and manage to “onboard” such a great user and community member :slight_smile:

@nelson_fretty your welcome :slight_smile: I’m happy to help you as well! Nice that the wiki helped you (even if it is in a state that needs “some love” from our side and that you are enjoying so much the device!

Here you touched on a really important point! It is really true! If we managed to put the MOD Dwarf out and make so many people happy with it, it’s really thanks to our crowdfunding backers! Props to all of them!
They have been so supportive even in the middle of all our issues! We totally understand the frustrations that pop up with them here and there (we actually share with them most of those), but overall they were the masterpiece for this project to become a reality!


Hi Nelson,

Did you configure anything in the Blackstar pedal (with the Live logic app) ?

I have no problem configuring the expression pedals but the footswitches are not really listening to me… and I’m running linux so no Live logic app unless a painful time installing windows.

Hi Rom

I used windows but it should work on linux

Only thing I had to do was change the mode switch at the back of blackstar to custom.

I then followed the guide in the wiki referenced above for cv control.

I didn’t touch live logic software.



Quick update - I updated the firmware on the blackstar live logic yesterday and the custom program was reset to blank settings so I had to set each switch to Midi channel 1 with an incrementing midi id i.e. 1 to 6 for each switch. I also had to change the switches to toggle from momentary.

If people receive this midi controller post firmware I guess that is the reason it may not work. It took me 10 minutes to fix with the Live Logic App.

Best Nelly


Yes, it work out of the box but it was configured not as I intended, so no way to get it as I want without Windows… and I needed quite some time to understand the Dwarf doesn’t want to move to another pedalboard when the WebUI is engaged !

The controller is really noisy though, big “clic” at each press, and the configuration is very limited. So I’ve already moved to Morningstar MC8 which can :

  • send multiple message with each switch (which is really easier for me as using snapshots inside the Dwarf)
  • be configured via chromium (no installation required), I’m not able to make it work in linux for now… I’ll investigate later on this, if someone has made it would really appreciate the help ! It can be configure with only the controller too !
  • a lot of presets can be prepared and called easily
  • a screen which shows the names you’ve entered and the state of the expression pedal (love this one) !
  • really quiet when switches are pressed !

:grimacing: Sorry about that. Do you think that it could be better explained in the wiki? And if yes, any suggestions?

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I don’t know how many people actually reference the Wiki, but I had the same problem, lost time on my end trying to troubleshoot my setup, and ultimately got the answer in the forum. I was referencing the relevant section at the time, so a note about the limitation would have been helpful for me.

How much effort would it be for the Web interface to display a “not supported” message (with a link to the Wiki) whenever a MIDI PC message arrives that matches the pedalboard navigation channel? Without some immediate feedback, I expect many users will go down the same path of thinking it is user or MIDI config error.


Acknowledged and I didn’t even take it to our request list. I just added that note. Makes total sense and it was clearly missing over there!
Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

This one indeed will be mapped. Maybe @falkTX can give you input on the effort required.


Since I was a newby with midi it put the problem on the Blackstar controller ! :sweat_smile:
I think you’ve mapped a suggestion on the requests list :


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Hi guys, I bought a blackstar live logic controller, in custom mode it works as I wish but, in patch mode it seems useless or am I missing something? Is there a way to convert the program change message in other messages with the mod interface (or in the blackstar software?).

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Hi Carlo,
in my eyes this is not a question of the Mod, it is a question of the foot controller. If I undestand correctly you want to send Program changes to load and unload pedalboards on the Dwarf, right? This normally is an easy task, I personally programmed several foot controllers to do so. Can you explain what exactly you want to do? It is not yet 100% understood.