Better featured metronome

I was searching for a metronome plugin to use on my Mod Dwarf pedal board and only found the following two which are missing features the other provides and some features seem to be missing from both (like setting global tempo details like BPM and time signature from the pedal board/plugin itself instead of utilities):

Neither of these have all the features I was expecting. In particular the CAPS one is sufficiently customizable for the sound of the clicks, where the Drobilla is not, but the CAPS one doesn’t seem to support host mode tempo and none seem to be able to set the global tempo.

I couldn’t find a request anywhere yet for an improved metronome plugin. Ideally IMO the feature set for a well featured metronome would include basically the combination of features of the two plugins but also including the ability to SET the host tempo details from the pedalboard not just from utilities (and using a tap as well).

My ideal feature set would include :slight_smile: :

  • 2x customizable click sounds for primary/secondary beats
  • Like the CAPS a decent selection of sounds and customization for dampening and volume
  • Ability to modify the click structure based on the current beast per bar from a standard list. For example 4/4 would usually use a pattern like: ABBB, and 6/8 would something like ABBBBB where A is the primary tick sample and B is the secondary one
  • Ability to flash a LED light with the BPM (primary and secondary control as well)
  • Ability to use global host BPM and beats per bar details like in the Drobilla plugin
  • Ability to SET global host BPM using a tap (not having to navigate to utilities but set from pedal board assignment) also this tap be assignable from a CV if desired (thinking of making a audio BPM detector at some point so delays auto adjust to the tempo I am playing at)
  • Ability to SET global host beats per bar and BPM from the pedalboard (not using utility menu)

I also saw some other requests based on global BPM that may be related:


I just discovered that maybe the best Metronome plugin is hide in the ALO looper;
It is host sync, put accent on the beat , has internal volume knob.
Furthermore if ALO is actually used as looper the metronome disappear when a track is active.


You can already do that from the transport. BPM and beats per bar are assignable to controls. And if you assign BPM to a switch, you can tap the tempo.