Beta plugins

It is great to be able to browse plugins via Plugins - MOD Audio

Is there any way to browse also the beta plugins without a MOD device?
There are many superb beta plugins and I feel that being able to view them would help some on the fence folks make the leap to becoming a MOD owner.

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It would be possible @Smanth, but we opted not to do so. It is not possible to support a device that is running the beta plugins and thus, buying decisions made based on the beta offerings often lead to frustration to the buyer. We ran into that multiple times.
We have spoken about some sort of cleanup at the beta shop so that we can make it more useful, as there are really a lot of potential there.
I would be very happy if we could organize a curation.
@dreamer and @falkTX might have some light to shed :grinning:


It may be a half-solution to create an alpha category for the plugins too frustrating and keep the beta only for plugins which are

  1. working, with not all functions ready
  2. at least a temporary UI

What do you think ?


That’s what I’ve been suggesting for a long time now :wink:

Beta would then really be a staging area for plugins that actually need testing before they are officially released.

Imo there shouldn’t be more than a ~dozen plugins in beta so that people actually know which ones to test and give feedback on.


I dont think adding another category is the right solution to go for.
These alpha-like-state plugins shouldn’t be there in the first place, but we have kept them for historic reasons.

My take would be to try to find a way to push plugins to a MOD unit that bypasses the store, and if that works remove all the really-not-beta plugins from the store completely.
That not just declutters the beta stuff, but also makes listing and loading cloud stuff faster (no need to fetch and parse 900 plugin info if only 350 or so are relevant).
A solution that works outside the regular store would also help in allowing developers to make their own beta plugins available for easy install, and for MOD too to ask testing of updates of already existing plugins without having to push an official update to everyone.
Basically a “staging” area that can be easily recreated with whatever plugins we want.

The project that a forum user has started, regarding building and deploying MAX gen~ plugins for MOD, is a nice way to test if this approach can work. Because if we can make it work for gen~ based plugins where an online service is able to push plugin builds to a unit, something more generic can also work for all the in-beta-but-not-really-going-to-be-pushed-to-stable-anytime-soon plugins.
In fact, the approach would even be good as a way to push even more plugins to this “staging” area, stuff that we know for sure doesnt work now in the best way, but it is useful to have as reference. We stopped pushing new beta plugins because we didnt want to clutter it even more.

Will let you know how that goes.