Beta plugins not available in designer


Can’t add beta plugins in pedalboard designer.

How to reproduce

  1. in prefs select show beta plugins
  2. Install a beta plugin if you don’t already have one installed
  3. Open pedalboard designer and try and find the beta plugin
    It is missing and the plugin counts for each category are the same as the counts shown when beta plugins are not included.

Expected/suggested solution

I can select beta plugins to add in a pedalboard.

This worked in the previous version.
They are shown in my plugins list as installed when I select show beta plugins.

Additional information

Open the controller menu (hold left knob down), navigate to Info > Versions and write down here the versions.

  • release: latest installed July 19th
  • controller: Mod Duo

Also provide some information about your system if possible.

  • Operating system: (Windows)
  • System version: (Windows 7)

Just installed the latest version 1.63. on the Mod Duo on Windows 7

This is not something I have seen happening before.
Which specific plugin did you install, do you remember? Did you try to install more after this issue happened?

Did a plugin update when I first connected. Could not tell you what the last plugin installed was. I have a lot of pedalboards (about 50) and plugins (hundreds) installed. It takes the Mod duo about 10-15 seconds to boot up to the default board. (Just 2 gain plugins)

I did install a calf gate plugin and that installed fine. I installed one of the newer pedalboards and it installed and worked.
I still can’t see beta plugins in the designer

Do you know how to open the browser “developer tools” ?
The console should have some logs in case something weird is going on. That would tell us in more detail what is wrong.

Yes, I’ll take,a look later today

How do you see logs?
There is no indicator stating logs are available.

Sorry coming back to this (maybe already to close) topic:

In my case I have a mod duo and a mod duoX and installed all beta plugins.
While all plugins were installed and work in the mod duo, few are marked beta in the mod duoX browser in the plugin store but aren’t installable.
This concerns the dRow and Tal plugins as well as obxd.
I assume they will be recompiled for the architecture of the modX.

With the massive horsepower of the modX will it be possible to have 32 voices in obxd as it is planned for the modx noisemaker version?

Thanks in advance and God bless, Marius

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i’m seeing this issue currently.


“show beta…” is enabled in advanced settings.

my views in the store:
normal: 519
show beta plugins: 767
installed only: 361
installed only & show beta plugins: 361

but there are clearly a whole bunch of beta plugins marked as installed, in the plugin display on the right in the store. so, it seems like the store thinks the beta plugins are installed, but the device doesn’t think so, or something.

if i go to the pedalboard contructor, it always shows 361 available plugins, even if i just checked “show beta plugins” in the store. then, when i go back to the store, the “show beta plugins” option appears unchecked.

…some weirdness going on!..

later edit: i just went and installed a beta plugin which wasn’t previously installed. now my count (installed only & show beta plugins) is up to 362 and that new beta plugin shows up in the constructor. so that worked.

does that mean i need to “uninstall” all the beta plugins which were supposedly installed, and re-install, to get it all to work correctly?

the “installed only” view will show all plugins regardless if they are beta or not.
if you installed a beta plugin but do not have beta plugins enabled/visible, the installed beta plugins are still going to on appear on the list (to allow to remove them if necessary)

when going to the plugin store, it will deactivate the “show beta plugins” from last time, this is intentional.

I just tried on my duox, and can install obxd and others just fine.
So this part at least is already fixed.

The rest seems to be just confusion on how things work, or am I missing something?

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thanks for clarifying that “installed only” shows beta plugins regardless of the “show beta” setting… counterintuitive, but fine now that i know! :wink: …now that i’m clear on that, the intentional unchecking of the “show beta” button, when returning to the store, makes more sense. cool.

maybe there was some strange browser cache thing going on yesterday, because there were a large number of beta plugins which i had previously installed, and which were marked “installed” in the store, but which didn’t show up in my pedalboard constructor. however, that’s all fine today.

sorry for the noise… this hasn’t ended up being a big ol’ “no-op”! oops. my bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers… have a splendid day!

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