Beta plugin identifier in constructor


i’m wondering if there’s any way to tell which plugins are “beta”, when you’re in the pedalboard constructor GUI. afaik, it’s not possible, but am i missing something?

it’d be really nice if there was some kind of indicator (a badge or asterisk or flag or somesuch) on the plugin thumbnails and on their instance once placed in the pedalboard constructor. that way, we could see, at a glance, whether any plugin that we’re considering, or that we’ve already placed, is in the “beta” category.

even the plugin descriptions (when clicking on the “i”) don’t indicate this.

it means that if i, for instance, want to eliminate beta plugins from a misbehaving pedalboard, i have to jump back and forth between the constructor and the plugin store, going through the list of which ones i’ve used, in order to identify potential culprits.

…even just this would be a big help: make the “share” pop-up window say " Warning: This pedalboard contains the following beta plugins plugins and won’t be available to most users", followed by a list of those used in the pedalboard.



There’s no way on the constructor, indeed.
I saved your request and I must say that you have here pretty valid suggestions. I believe they won’t take much to implement. Let’s see if we can get some time for that since now we are super overwhelmed