Best sound of acoustic and classical guitar

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I wanted to share a very cool way of getting really good tones for acoustic and classical guitars. Few days ago I came across 3 sigma audio site - they sell profiles of Cabs but also acoustic and classical guitars. It was very uncommon for me to use that kind of IR’s but it turned out it works very very good!! This IR is everything you need to get THE sound, just use MOD Convolution Loader and load desired profile - voila!
If you buy a IR you will get IR recorded in 44,48,88 and 96 kHz (we should use 48).
The best part - there are several IR of purchased pack made for almost all kind piezos (the eq is adapted to different types of piezo) - for silent guitar, classical piezo, Lyric, Antchem, K&K. I have K&K instaled in my classical guitar and 3 sigma made even eq adapted for K&K mounted with tape or glued! Profiles cost 15$ but this was the best 15$ I’ve spent (I ve spent more since having different sounds is priceless ;)) I am not affilliated with this company - I am just a very satisfied client :slight_smile:


Well, thanks a lot @Lukasz for the tip! Is there also an IR for a Transducer pick-up available? I am asking because I am looking for a good one for my mandoline. The mandoline has a Fishman Transducer implemented.

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yes, they have also eq for Fishman SBT!

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