Best amp and cab for clean/crunch?

I’m no expert at this, but I’ve tried different amp/cab-combinations for clean and breakup sounds, both on my single coil Suhr ST1 and my humbucker Godin LGXT.
I keep coming back to the Onyx for its crisp sound and responsiveness, and together with for instance the Mod Modern Cab, I seem to get quite close to what I need. Add a compressor before and a reverb after, and I have the baseline for a crisp clean and breakup sound on both guitars, in spite of their differences.
I’ve been through most of the pedalboards here, and have quite a few of them installed now. But I would really like to make my own from the bottom up, not only to learn the process, but also to be more aware of what to listen for when hearing that “great sound” on YouTube.
However, if any of you guys have hints ant tips to plugins and combinations I should try, I would be very happy, as I’m not quite there yet, I believe. And willing to listen and learn.
So any help appreciated. There are so many great players and tweakers here, and I’m happy to take part in this movement towards the best open source mfx pedal for guitarists.


Well this is pretty much my exact base signal chain with the exception that I don’t have a compressor at the front (I probably should). But I do have the beta Harmonic Exciter first to just add some color!

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@kimborg just adding a bit more stuff that may help you, for clean sounds I tend to gravitate towards the Supersonic with the Vintage cab. I like to layer my sounds, so a lot of times (if I have CPU room, etc) I add another combination on top. From the top of my head I remember using for this layers even the Titan’s clean channel with a Modern Cab or similar. On top I pretty much always add a beloved plate reverb (I’m starting to feel that I really have a thing for plate reverbs). Recently I even start using the Dragonfly Plate reverb and it’s pretty nice.
This is kind of my “go to” on cleans, then I go add some “weirdness” or so on top.
For high gains I tend to use the Titan, Modern Cab or Marsh and layer it with another that can be the Onyx or recently I feel that the Mutant or the Fat Frog are pretty good for that, although I think I still don’t have any ready pedalboard with any of them.
Crunch is always where I have harder times (and this is not only with the MOD platform). Maybe the Mutant here can help you out…or the Onyx is really the best.


Thanks. By “layers” I assume you mean parallell chains? And is there an example pedalboard I could have a look at to learn more?


Thanks. I’ll give the Exciter a try. Looking forward to that.


Exactly. Checkout Brian May’s approach :wink:
I will try to find a pedalboard good to share with you


@jon Will check Brian May. Really appreciate any help. I’m a newbie at this, but willing and able to learn!


We (me, the MOD team and the community) are here to help you :slight_smile: