BEATBOX plugin

Hello! I would like to suggest an upgrade for the beatbox plugin. Since we have a file manager will be very reasonable to have the ability to upload our own samples to this plugin. Stock one is a little messy. Also will be great to have more flexible frequency splitting and more options to tweak sounds, maybe simple ADSR. Or maybe even greater to add GATE to MIDI option, when the threshold volume is reached on selected frequency range, selected MIDI triggering (not necessary with velocity, just gate). THIS WILL BE HUGE for beatboxers. Basically almost alternative to this


  1. BEATBOX module, right it should be updated to load the sample is possible.
  2. ADSR setting is now possible thru using “samplv1” plugin but need more polishment.
  3. There is no gate function to midi but I think using PEAK to CC plugin would be great. It can pick your input level and send the CC value changing thru level. So it is voice level to CC. IF we put the gate before that and enforce the CC range thru using MIDI CC SCALE plugin after the peak to CC plugin might be helpful to make it like switch.(Actually if the input gain is pretty loud, then midi CC will reach to 127 from 0 right away, then it feels like switch on/off)
    but the problem is that you need to connect the midi out port to midi in port as a looping if you enable that feature inside of MDX plugin if not,(for other devices, it is fine) you can’t receive other midi signals from other devices.
    But we can solve this using midi merger box to merge the MDX signals and other mid signals from other devices and put into MDX.
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Saved as a request :wink:


Kind of a follo0w up to this discussion.

My initial request or question is how can i save recorded sounds in the beatbox.

To explain: i record a sample as kicksound with the record function inside beatbox. that works fine. but i cant save it. if i save the pedalboard and even a preset inside beatbox it just saves the knobs parameters, but not the recorded sample.

am i doing something wrong? or is there a workaround that codei-ssue?

thanks a lot!!!
i would really need this to work… :pray:

PS: Eikni’s request being able to just load samples inside would of course be even more amazing!