Beat/Rhythm detector/tracker

My use case:

  1. I record a freeform loop (or I just play)
  2. then I launch a drum machine, or a delay, or anything using midi sync
  3. The drum machine is synchronized with my loop/playing

This feature exists in some loopers like the Aeros and the RC500.

It seems various plugins in various formats already do that :

Could anybody port this to the Mod environment ?

Thank you very much !

The LP3 plugin provides MIDI clock out based on your loop length.


Thank you. I suppose it means that if my loop is one measure in 4/4, then I will have to multiply the LP3 clock by 4 to have my tempo, but that a good start ! :slight_smile: I will take a look.


Yes, that is the assumption that the LP3 makes. So, keep that in mind when you build your drum track.

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