Battery powered solutions for MDX?

Hi all!

I hope all is well with you and yours.

I am on a new audio adventure, and the results have been far more interesting to me than the last 3 years of floundering through sound design and “music”

Over the last month or two, I have been working on a new concept project where all of my performances and recordings will be electroacoustic and in natural settings way out in remote areas.

(Photo of test run)

Currently, my mobile field kit can power my iPad Pro, 32bit field recorder, 48v binaural ASMR microphones, and portable speakers for about 5-10 days on a single charge.

All audio is going to be captured in a single binaural stereo file, and it will be processed live with effects in my iPad.

However, I had a much better idea, provided I can find a solution.

I will be packing a particular drone synth with me (JMT LD-2), and I am rpowering it with a 9V battery+power banks.

Seeing at it can be CV sequenced and manipulated, I want my MDX to become an audio processor/modulator for the LD2 before it hits the microphone in. This will allow me to have independent audio processing control over the drone, and use the iPad to process the stereo mix.

The audio from the LD-2/MDX will be played through a stereo pair of 40W speakers set a distance from the microphone on low volume. I have tested the theory of this concept to great success, and now will be pushing forward into the wilds.

This recording was done in my kitchen (my wife was cooking) as a test, with all audio recorded through the mics.

Has anyone used their MDX on battery?

it’s no biggie if not, as I can always snag a mobile 300 watt power station with actual plugs to use. It’ll just add some weight I’ll need to pack into the locations I’ll be performing in as the “Abyssal Pantheon”

if this project sounds interesting, or you want to follow along, my Elk Wrath channel will be doing all the behind the scenes videos of the Abyssal Pantheon Project.


I’m not sure if you are in Canada (I can’t recall) but you can definitely find a similar product such as this:

MotoMaster Eliminator PowerBox® Portable Power Pack & Battery Booster/Jump Starter, 2000 Peak Amps, 700W | Canadian Tire


Thanks mate,

Seems like I’ll need to snag the 300w power hub I was initially eyeballing.

It’ll add more weight to my pack, but sounds like it’s necessary if I want to use a MOD unit on the “Musique Concréte” project.

Okay, I did a first test run, and the concept works. The project is moving forward and the MDX will be required from now on.

I will upgrade my power solution to a bigger unit with a standard plug or two to incorporate the MDX.

Outside of that, just need longer leads to the mic/speakers for a much wider and deeper sound stage.

All audio is recorded through the SR3D Binaural microphones.

Hope this little avant-garde performance is neat to see.

I will be doing live performances out in natural environments as “The Abyssal Pantheon”


Okay fellas, found the power solution and wanted to share.

I am using 2 of these 70k mah ($50 each after coupon) batteries to power 95% of this setup, with a small mobile wireless charger to pass voltage through a 9v rechargeable battery ($16 2 pack) into a barrel connector ($7 for pair) for my synths.

I do not have a final synth installed yet, but the second 9v is for that synth, which should arrive in mid to late October.

One battery powers my iPad pro through a dock, which supplies power to my Zoom F3 with 48v power to my binaural microphones.

The other battery, is for MDX. It works baby! Not only that, but the MDX is passing power to the Korg SQ-1.

This particular battery outputs at 12v 1.6a which is not as comfortable as I wanted, and I am using a USB-C to barrel connector rated for 12v 3a ($11). This is working and I have not had any issues with the MDX running off this arrangement.

I am going to be conducting performance tests of the kit. This battery was discharging less than 10% capacity after 10 hours of powering the iPad/zoom/binaural mics with audio processing and recording happening.

I have been using the MDX with CV I/O and powering the SQ-1 for about an hour and have used 1% of the battery life.

Looks like my big project is good to proceed and the power solution was way cheaper than I expected.

Hope this was cool!


Update on battery performance.

I ran my rig for about 5 hours yesterday with everything pulling power and my packs used about 15% battery with no hitches.

This will be an incredibly viable mobile platform for this project. I’ll post videos as I get more involved with recording over the next few months.