Bass compression?

Hi all. I have one pedal left that I haven’t replaced with a virtual pedal in the MOD. It is an MXR bass compressor. I’ve tried fiddling with built-in compressors and they don’t exactly behave the way I want. They seem to deaden my tone more than the MXR pedal does. I don’t know how the MXR works, but I suspect that they may be applying some eq to either the dry or wet channel.

Is anybody here using compression in the MOD for bass?


Hey, here’s how I do it:

Input —— comp 1 —— x-over ——— comp 2 ———— Out
                      \_____ FX ______/

Comp 1 is soft, just to smooth out the bumps
X-over set around 200Hz
Comp 2 is a hard limiter, just slamming the sub bass
FX run most of my effects, keeps the fundamentals intact

I don’t have the MOD here so I can’t share exact numbers, but hopefully this inspires you


I’m only getting started in understanding how best to use compression, but here’s my current bass pedalboard. I’m happy with the sound for now, but I am always tweaking. I will say that I’m still getting used to the idea that things I play more softly are louder than I expect. I’m used to having built-in compression on my preamp (Eden WT-500 and Eden WTDI), which is usually not nearly as noticeable. For this board, I downloaded some Eden Nemesis 4x10 IRs.


Bob, the most significant parameter for keeping your bass tone feeling more lively is the attack time - set it long so more of the transient gets through before the comp kicks in. I’ll have a rummage before or next lesson and dig out some suggestions from the MOD store :blush:


What goes into the 2nd input - dry bass, preamp? Interesting set up with amp sim on one input and reverb+cab sim on the other.


Any time-based effects can go in-between. I tend to default to splitting things between the 2 channels. In most cases, I end up “jumpering” out 1 to in 2, because I don’t really use many effects for bass. Habits :stuck_out_tongue:

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ahh ok like an fx loop, that’s makes sense! very cool

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I have had quite a lot of success using the RMPro plugin as a compressor of sorts for bass guitar, perhaps it’s worth giving a shot?

Alternatively, it can be interesting to use the ZamComp, with a filtered version of your bass signal going to the sidechain. On drum machines I tend to highpass the signal so that my kickdrums dont affect the compressor too much, but on bass it makes sense to experiment a bit, depending on which frequencies you want to retain/compress.


Maybe this is what I’m hearing. On the MXR, it tames lows to keep them from overdriving the next stage, but what I hear as details such as nail clicks come through clearly.


The MXR seems to be inspired by the classic 1176 compressor, in which the attack+release controls function opposite from most compressors (shortest time on maximum knob setting instead of longest time on maximum knob setting). Perhaps the same is true for the MXR? In that case try out some polar opposite knob positions on the compressors on the MOD platform.


I’ll give that a try later today.

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I’m also in this unknown side, I just plan to continue to use it, it just sound good. It’s the last pedal standing.


Another thing that may be part of the configuration issue is that the MXR has visual feedback of the compression via the LED bar. I have my input level configured such that my normal level doesn’t compress at all. It is only when I dig in more that I see compression. It might be nice to get visual feedback from one or more of the MOD compression plugins.