Backup/Restore Specifics

I recently purchased a used Mod Dwarf as a backup (not a scam this time!). I was hoping that performing a full backup of my main unit and then doing a full restore on the second unit would make them essentially identical (well other than licensing of paid plugins which I totally understand is another issue altogether), but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Are the settings stored on the unit like input/output gain, LED brightness, etc. supposed to be backed up and restored? Because they definitely weren’t restored on the second unit. I also tried saving user settings to profile B on the first unit, then doing a backup, then a restore on the second unit and then loading profile B and that didn’t seem to do anything. And yes, when doing the backup/restore via gui, I made sure I checked the boxes for user settings and LV2 plugins. Plugins, pedalboards and even things like plugin builder favorites were restored on the second unit just fine.


My understanding is that no, it saves pedalboards but not unit configurations. I have reset my X to factory and tried the same thing. All pedalboards were back but input/output gains and settings didn’t get restored.

As to plugins, since authorisations are still on a per device basis, you need to write Mod so they can manually authorise your second unit.

Good luck.

PS> Hope you got your money back. Just got scammed on Reverb myself and their so called “Buyer’s Protection” has yet to kick in…


Interesting device settings also didn’t work for you, because the wiki says:

Backup & Restore
This feature allows you to make a backup of all your data to later recovery. You can backup Banks, Pedalboards, Device configuration (such as audio gains, Bluetooth config, etc) and all the plugins you have downloaded.

Creating a Backup

Insert a USB stick in the USB Host port (A) in the back of your unit. Make sure the USB stick has enough disk space, preferably with a fat32 file system.

By default, user configuration, pedalboards, and banks are included in the backup. Mark the correspondent checkboxes if you want to also backup the plugins you have installed and all the device settings, such as input and output gain.

Finally, click “Backup user data…”

And yup, I plan on bugging @jon soon to see what I can do about authorizing all my paid plugins across my 3 devices! :wink:

As for the scam, I know how you feel about PayPal from a previous post, but I was refunded 100% within about 10 mins of filing my claim!


Indeed. It might be because you can use the same pedalboards/effects throughout the ecosystem but different Mod devices have different internal electronics. I would have guessed this should not be a problem when backing up & restoring to the same type of device, though.

In any event, we need Mod’s word on this.

(Perhaps “audio gains” refer to the embedded effects only, and not hardware settings?)

You probably filed your fraud claim ahead of shipment and delivery. Therefore you were refunded a purchase that wasn’t complete. It’s like you’ve changed your mind shortly thereafter. After delivery, however, it reverts to Reverb’s “protection” system, which may end up in a he-said-she-said situation. “Oooooh, but it was working fine when I shipped it!” Ultimately the burden of proof may fall on the buyer’s shoulder. We’ll see.

Happy you got your money back and now has another Dwarf!