Backup and Restore between Duo and Dwarf?

My Dwarf arrived today - hooray!

I’d like to get all the pedalboards from the Duo onto the Dwarf. I tried backing up the Duo and restoring it onto the Dwarf (having renamed the backup folder from modduo to moddwarf!) and it seems to work in all respects but…I get no audio output! Fortunately I made a backup of the Dwarf before trying this and restoring that fixes the audio - phew!

Does anyone know if this should be possible?

I was kind of hoping that backing-up and restoring my LV2 plugins would mean that the pedals I’d bought on the Duo would be transferred across too…



Sorry all - posted too early and now resolved, but I thought I’d leave this up in case anyone hits the same problem.
The problem was any pedalboards that used the “TinyGainStereo” pedal. It didn’t report any problem if it was in an existing pedalboard but it just didn’t let any audio through!

I initially started swapping these out, but then discovered that these have been updated and the latest version does work.

So the moral of the story is that after restoring from Duo to Dwarf I should have updated all my pedals. D’oh!


If you have licences on your Duo that you want to pass to your MOD Dwarf, just DM me with the serial numbers of both devices :wink:

Thanks Jon - willdo

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Hi @jon
While my Mod Duo X is being repaired (Faulty input section), I purchased a Mod Dwarf and would need to restore all my purchased plugins.

Unfortunately, Not sure how to get the serial nb of the Mod Duo that is now with Bax in Netherland (or at your site if you guys do all repairs). I did a backup though, Is the SN somewhere embedded in the backup file? Thanks. Luc.