Backing tracks in Live performance

Hi I have, as a newbe, a question about using backing tracks during live performances in the Mod Dwarf. For a small gig I will miss the drummer and bass player in our band because of holidays. I want to replace them with audio recordings or midi files that play their parts. Does anyone of you have experience in doing so in a live situation and have some tips about:

  • what to use: recorded audio files or recorded looper files
  • how to start and stop these efficiently during live sessions, using a midi footcontroller?
  • what plugins do I need for all of this?
    Help appreciated!

I saw this a few days ago, but got busy and didn’t answer. Sorry to keep you waiting for a reply. I have used the Audio File plugin and loaded an mp3 file, which you can upload many different tracks. I used it during a performance a few times (I normally play by myself at a local pub, so it is nice to add extra sound once in a while. The volume of the file was too low to really hear it one time, but once I got that straightened out, it was fine. For me, I was only using it for one song, so I just patched the on/off switch to a button on my Duo X. I am at work looking at the desktop app for the specifics and I don’t have any files loaded into it so I can’t tell or remember if you can patch the file list to a foot switch or not. Seems like you should be able to in order to advance to the next file. Good luck and report back on your progress. Especially if you learn any tricks. I’m pretty new at this as well even though I’ve owned the foot pedal for a few years now.

Hi Bruce, thanks for the answer! That was exactly where I was: using one recording in the audio file plg, but I wanted more files and could not find a secure way to start and stop exactly the right song in between a gig. Because I need it Thursday, I decided to use the Boss RC-5 looper instead to be secure. Maybe someone else has more experience with this, because it should in principle be possible with the Mod I suspect.

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Hi Rob-- if you haven’t checked out the LP3 inside the DuoX/Dwarf yet, I think it’s amazing, and a huge improvement to using the SooperLooper (I would link multiple ones with CV but it had its quirks) or the hardware loop pedal I used to have (clone of the EHX stereo looper). But in the LP3 you can store and recall recorded loops, switch between two synced tracks (each with their own level control), change parts, sync options, linking two LP3 plugins, etc. It has a multi-function button that is really cool too, but I mostly have separate assignments for each function I want.

You also could see how many instances of the audio file plugin your CPU would take, if that would enable you to use more/seperate files, and make assignments accordingly.

You can name presets of the audio file plugin and then assign those to a knob to change them. You can assign the volume of the plug-in to another knob. I have the start/stop of the file assigned to a knob so that I don’t accidentally trigger them. The knobs are clickable and function like switches. Also, pedalboard will remember which audio file is loaded and play the upon start, so you can build your pedalboards around which files you’d like to play.


Ah, thank you very much, I think this solves the problem!