Autumn plugin sales

A recent blog item says that some paid plugins are on sale in the pplugin shop.

How can we know the price of paid plugins from the plugin gallery website? Can we see prices only by browsing with the Mod device’s GUI? and even then, what we’re seeing are regular prices or discounted prices?

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Hi @Tarrasque73,

At the moment it’s not possible to see the prices on the plugin gallery, so the prices are indeed only visible within the MOD GUI. All the paid plugins currently have a 50% discount (until the 12th October) and the prices that are shown there are the discounted prices.

Is there any way of making the prices visible online and not through the GUI? Those of us who are waiting for a Dwarf but don’t have any devices yet are going to get a nasty shock when our hardware arrives as we have no idea what anything will cost!


Thank you for your answer.

If i might say my 2 cents, the store part of the Mod ecosystem has a lot to be improved.

Like others say, it’s pretty reasonable to be able to at least browse the plugin gallery and have a clear indication of costs for the non free plugins.

Plus, there are other implications that are quite obscure to me.

You can login abd buy plugins through a device you own. Great. How does it work if I own 2 mod devices? Must I buy it again if I want to install it on the other device?

And who “owns” the purchased plugin? The user or the device? If I sell my Duo on which I have some purchased plugins because I want to upgrade to a Dwarf, will i be able to carry my purchased plugins with me? Or are they bound to the Duo?

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The ability to look up the price on the plugin gallery would be something we would have to look into, but I can see why this would be a good feature to have.

Regarding the plugins: at the moment we have a little more then 300 free plugins. Next to that we have 15 paid plugins, the regular prices of these (so without discount) range between 15 dollar/euro (currently 1 plugin) to 10 dollar/euro (10 plugins). And then we have 4 plugins that are around 12 dollar/euro.

Regarding the license, you won’t have to buy the plugins multiple times if you own multiple devices. Please see this thread for more information: Licensing model for multi-device owners

I must say I had the same questions (I am waiting for my Mod Dwarf, so I don’t have access to the store yet). It is very good info, it would be good to mention it somewhere on the website, perhaps in the plugin browser. One more thing could be to mention it in the plugins’ description (that it is a non-free plugin). It is actually a nice information, which removes some of the growing concern I had: most plugins are free, so it means the Mod is not an empty shell, and it is still possible to have premium effects at a reasonable price, meaning the platform could attract companies’ valuable creations.

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I agree, one should not stumble in this kind of info in a forum or blog post.

The plugin gallery seems to be the best place at the moment, at least showing if a plugin is free or not.

A store detached from the devices internal GUI would be the optimum.

It’s true that currently 90% of the plugins are free, but we all hope for Mod devices to grow in opularity and be successful,and that means that talented professional coders will start developing professional plugins for the system, and work should be rewarded. So it’s expected that the number of non free plugins should rise in the future.

We have put effort into a new plugin gallery that is more closely related to the plugin store on the device. I’ve checked, and in this new gallery it’s possible to see which plugin is free and which one is paid. The price will also be visible there.

There are a few technical things that need to be addressed before this can go live. But soon we will have a place online that provides more detailed information without having to use the plugin shop from within the device.


Wonderful. I think this is important and I hope it can draw more customers.

On a side note, a filter for showing only free/non free/all plugins could be useful, both on the device and the web gallery.


Anecdotal, but as someone without a device I’ve really had to put a lot of work in to get some detail about what I can and can’t do when I get a device.

An improved plugin browsing experience would be really appreciated so thank you for that.

On thing I did notice about the existing one is it wasn’t easy to go from browsing to looking at detail in a new tab to compare. Might be something to consider for the next iteration if you aren’t considering it already.

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