Automating Parameters

First topic of my own on here to apologies in advance for any naivete in the question.

I really like the amsynth plugin (amsynth - MOD Devices) for a drone background, but was wondering if there was any way to automate the cutoff and/or resonance - say between 30% and 70% over two bars (back and forth) - as if you were a robot who could control an expression pedal perfectly and identically

Beat:	1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     etc
Cutoff%	30>35>40>45>50>55>60>65>70>65>60>55>50>45>40>35>30>35 etc

I suppose there might be other effects which be able to achieve something similar (autowah) - but I’d like something like a sci-fi filter sweep

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I think the key here will be using a LFO (CV) to change the parameter.

I’m sure I’ve seen a video of someone doing that on a MOD device recently… if I can find it I’ll post back here :slight_smile: (if someone else doesn’t find it first).

Edit: Is this the sort of thing you were after? Review: MOD DWARF can revolutionize your setup, if you let it // vs ZOIA & Beebo // Tutorial - YouTube


Wow! Thats exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for - thanks so much!

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If you have a dwarf this will soon be possible in v1.11 with the midi loopback feature.
the step sequencer can have some notes, then a midi note to CC converter on top and going into the loopback port, which is then possible to assign as midi learn.
this will basically allow a step sequencer to become a control/parameter-change sequencer :scream:

we are sorting out the last details for v1.11, but there is quite a fair bit still to do, we will have v1.10.2 before that one.


That’s wonderful - thanks