Automatic deduplication of parameter labels

A lot of plugins have parameters with the same names, e.g. “Level”, “Drive” etc. This means that if you assign these parameters to knobs, you might have two or more parameters with the same name changeable via knobs, and then it’s hard to remember which effect each parameter corresponds to.

This can be addressed by using the advanced option of manually specifying a label, but it would be even better if the software automatically spotted when there are two parameters with the same name both assigned to knobs, and automatically deduplicated the names, e.g. by suffixing the parameter name with the plugin name, e.g. Level would become Level DS-1.

Prefixing might also be an option, although then you risk the plugin name being long enough to cause the label to exceed the maximum displayable length and get truncated without displaying the parameter name. E.g. GxFuzzFaceFuller Drive might automatically get truncated to something like GxFuzzFaceFull (assuming a maximum display length of 14 characters) and then you wouldn’t know that it was referring to the Drive parameter, whereas with the suffix approach, it would be Drive GxFuzzFa which is still recognisable enough.