Audio to CV Pitch + Range divider

snapshots in this pedalboard are setted to match every semitone exits from audio to cv pitch with a range divider so you can save them as preset.

It could be usefull to trigger effect and modulation on specific note.
In this case they are saved as fraction number so it works on every notes inipendently by octave ( if you use a round CV plugin).


Here an example:
The shimmer reverb line is activated only playing C

use values inside previous pedalboard to change the trigger note.


Sounds like pretty creative usage of this plugin to me


@CarloDossi Very cool! What an idea… brilliant


it has a little bit of latency but using it with a slew limiter and think it as emerging effect could be really intresting in composition. If you want trigger the line on a note in a specific octave you have to erase the CV round and add the relative integer to the value in the range divider. Also put plugin before or after the VCA could generate different kind of effects.


This is nuts!

Would such a thing be possible to achieve for stuff specific notes in specific octaves?
That could add a bit of beef to root notes of fingerpicked chords…


good idea, here it is:

I made same changes and put some snapshot.
1: the whole bass E string (and relative notes) will trigger the effect line
2: all C notes will trigger the effect line (as before)
3: only the bass C will trigger the effect line
4: all note between the first and second C will trigger the effect line

I left the CV meter on the pedalboard so you can monitor the voltage in the range of your intrest and put it in the Range divider plugin.


I arrived here thinking: “I could use Audio to CV to split my guitar” and lower the basses one or two octave down and then keep the notes above the G string to accompany myself like a bass and guitar on fingerpicking as you describe… but with this post now I think there is more to it… have you done it? splitting the guitar? as keyboard players do, having separate “instruments” after a specific note.



Unless you’ve got single-string pick-ups, split (3+3) pick-ups, etc. there’s no way you can separate-out individual strings. You can split by pitch. If your playing uses open bass strings and fretted trebles, then you can set the cut-off just above the open highest bass string and be sure all your “guitar” notes are above the cut-off.

My eventual goal is to have single-string pick-ups like Fabio Mittino and an ADC that can handle enough channels. Fabio will often have the highs, mids and bass strings processed as separate blocks.