Audio/Sample Playback with Start/End points

Hi - Is there any plugin (like the Audio File plugin) that can take a large input file and support playback between a configured start and end point (which would ideally be able to be modified using encoders etc…)?
If not, is there anything within the OS that would prevent the implementation of something like this (before I start delving into the plugin SDK?)?

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There’s not really anything like that yet.

I believe that not really on the OS side of things, rather on the “time” side of things (if you know what I mean :sweat_smile:)

File Handling was a big feature released not long before all the painful situations of last year had started. Therefore things went a bit slower there than we all would like and we still didn’t reach stuff like what you are talking about (anyway, actually all the new IR-based stuff is just possible thanks to that). So hopefully sooner or later we will get to that part as well.

Thanks for the background Jon. Just for clarity, when you say “sooner or later we will get to that part as well”, are you referring to the file handling support that’s necessary to enable this, or something else. I’m just trying to work out if this is something that could be implemented in a plugin by a 3rd party if the SDK supports it.
(I should probably go and read some documentation :slight_smile: )

You’re welcomely @CreativeLemming.

I’m not sure about the roadmap here, but I’m aware since the file handling implementation that there are internal wishes to make stuff like the Audio File Player a bit better. At the time what is available now was used as a sort of proof of concept. I know that a bit more control over the file itself is wished.

On this, I would ping @falkTX to help us here since I’m not sure if it’s fully ready for anyone to jump in and develop a plugin or if something on the OS still needs improvements.

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