Audio file player with changeable playback rate

greetings, all!

just wondering if there’s any more progress towards and audio file player or sampler with a non-fixed playback rate… what i’m really looking for eventually is a looper with adjustable playback rate for the loops (i.e. like changing sample rate, so both pitch and speed change), but i was thinking that an adjustable-speed playback plugin might be pressed into service for that type of thing, if there was also a way to record files (even another plugin) that could then be played back.

…perhaps i’ll look into the possibility of building such a thing as a MAX gen~ patch.


Not yet.
We have been focused on finishing the required features for the 1.11 and also getting plugins like the Looperlative and the TTAP in the platform (since they were promised). So that may still take a while.
I’m not 100% familiar with the development roadmap, I know that something that allows you to record in the device is planned, we still don’t know when it will be available.


Another user chiming in to support this feature request:

Here is a use case that would make me happy:

I can use the device to trigger audio tracks. There are nifty mixer tools so I can fade between them. This is all very nifty. Kudos to everyone who made it possible ~

I would love it if I could control the playback speed of the currently playing audio track, so I could speed it up or slow it down. What I would be trying to do is tempo match between one track and the next (currently two instances of audio file player).

I think this is just what plutek wanted too, I would also be interested in looking into the max/msp route… or chipping in to commission something :slight_smile: not sure if max gen can easily load audio track files or be integrated with file listings.

would love to see more standard audio playback support !