'audio capture' plugin for two extra inputs!

Finally got round to digging out a powered USB hub so I could try running my Focusrite 2i2 as two extra inputs for the DuoX, using the ‘audio capture’ plugin that Falk built. It’s SO good! I tested the latency by running the signal direct from the 2i2 into my soundcard as well as the signal going through the DuoX and it’s there but absolutely fine for most uses. So I’ve now got two extra ins :slight_smile: That I can also set it up to be two extra outs as well, is beyond exciting. having four ins and 6 outs on the DuoX makes it so much more powerful. It’s going to take me several years to properly explore what the implications are of that for performance and recording :slight_smile:

The only problem I have now is that the powered USB hub buzzes like crazy whenever I do anything with my KMI Quneo that turns on the lights… Massive interference. So that’s the next thing to troubleshoot (I think one of those USB groundlift things should fix it).


Cool! Do you do some Quadraphonic stuff? I`ve being experimenting with my DuoX and the Cardinal plugin in those realms. But a simple Quad panner would be cool.


I’m already using the digital out as a separate pair of outs, but I use it so that I can send the looper and ambient stuff through a different output to my cleaner bass, so that when I mixing a live recording, I’ve got room to vary the level of the melody against the loops etc. So I think if I get these outputs rigged up, what I’ll do is have the looper the ambience and the melody all on separate pairs. Then I can do fun spacial stuff to the ambience when mixing rather than having to do that to the loop at the same time :slight_smile:

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…I’ve just done exactly that, set up the ambient stuff as the output to through the 2i2 with the ‘audio playback’ plugin and now I have 6 tracks of audio to play with while mixing!


thanks a lot for this, @solobasssteve ! …since i’m on a DuoX LE, my digital outputs only mirror the main outs. :frowning: …so these plugins could open up a lot of possibilities i’ve been thinking about…

just for clarity and to assist others looking for this stuff, the “Audio Capture” and “Audio Playback” plugins by @falkTX are in the Beta section of the plugin store.


Wow this sounds amazing!
Can I do this on the Dwarf?
I’d love to add and extra in/out for another instrument in and metronome click out.
Any instructions?

as far as I’m aware, yes it works on the Dwarf, but I’m sure others more knowledgable will pile in eventually!

As for instructions it really is as easy as plugging in an interface (I’m imagining it has to be class compliant cos there’s no option to run additional software inside the MOD) and then adding the Audio Capture plugin to have an insert point for the inputs and the audio playback plugin as an exit point to the outputs.

I’m using a Focusrite 2i2, and I needed to run power to my USB hub in order to get it to be able to power my Softstep, Quneo, Audiofront Midi Expression Quatro and the 2i2!

It really is just ‘plug and play’. No coding, no additional uploads, no nothing. Amazing.

I’m now at the ‘how did I ever survive without 6 outputs???’ level of MOD usage :joy:


note that this is super experimental, it is even an older build before I refactored it to try and make it work more stable.
also on a Dwarf it uses quite a lot of background CPU.
for now it stays on beta, so use with care.

also for the more technically inclined, the code for this is at GitHub - falkTX/audio-bridge
initially made for mod-unit-as-usb-audio feature (still in progress), but I repurposed for an lv2 plugin as well.


I just tested it with the dwarf and a tiny class compliant behringer uca222 (the red one). And it works beautifully. Sending host synced metronome click out is one piece I’ve been missing.

Falk- this feature is a game changer! This should be a high priority, spread the news, make it stable with lower cpu usage. What a feature!!!

I’m putting together a live looping groove box board. With this now I can sync, guitars and violin looping in and out in stereo and still have a metronome, and run it parallel with another groove box for live drum programming and polyphonic synths.- hoping to get a Yamaha SEQTRAK soon.


Happy to found this thread ! I can’t agree more with Jarrydactyl, it’s a super important feature !

For the people using this beta plugins, how stable do you found them ?

Falk, am I correct assuming using this plugins would add one block of latency to sync the local I/O and the external audio usb interface ?

the dwarf analog audio doesnt change. the usb audio in has at least 3x the block latency


Thank you for the information :wink: !

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this thread got me interested on trying a few different approaches, I think I have one that works now.

it is always a bit tricky to synchronize different clocks, eventually they drift apart.
relying on hardware reported timings didn’t work as well as I expected.
somehow using the fill % amount of audio ringbuffer works better :person_shrugging:

adding a little modgui to be able to debug these things in case something starts to go bad. the stats can be turned off (and they are off by default) so we dont waste cpu showing this extra info.

need to do the playback side in this manner now too, then I think we update the beta plugin store version for more widespread testing.