Audio and MIDI switchboxes

Hi there!

I will start working on two families of plugins the upcoming weeks. These include the Audio and MIDI switchboxes for audio signals and MIDI signals. Let’s start with the audio switchboxes. There is a switchbox in the store already under the utility tab in the store. This switchbox has one audio input and allows the user to switch between two outputs. The new switchboxes work as followed:

-Switch between two mono input to one mono output
-switch between two stereo outputs with one stereo input
-switch between two stereo inputs to one stereo output
-able to assign switches to the footswitches or knobs on the MOD 

This switchboxes can be used to controll two or more signal chains. lets say you have a one chain with overdrive/fuzz and want to switch to a different chain with effects and a pitch shifter. This box will switch between those chains with one press on the footswitch instead of loading a new pedalboard for instance!

The MIDI switchbox will work in a similar way. It will allow the user to switch between two midi inputs to one MIDI output (reversed version of the current MIDI switchbox). The number of outputs or inputs could be increased to three or even four if that is desired. MIDI learn will be implemented for both the audio and MIDI switchbox.

That raises a question for the community. What is the desired amount of MIDI inputs and outputs that you would like to see, or is do you have any additions to the switchbox family?

I look forward to hear your feedback!


Hi, these new switchboxes are very welcome as i previously missed a stereo switchbox. I would go further and offer even more channels, e.g.

1 in, 2 out
2 in, 4 out
3 in, 6 out
4 in, 8 out

which are the natural extension of going from mono to stereo. These would allow to reroute quite a bit of a pedalboard at the press of a button. Another interesting switchbox to have would be to extend this scheme not in the direction of more channels to switch, but more states:

1 in, 3 out
2 in, 6 out
3 in, 9 out

where the switch toggles between 3 output grous instead of just two. Creating these programmatically should be almost trivial… I.e. write a single general plugin that defines the number of channels and states per preprocessor macro and then just build them differently.

On MIDI switchboxes i have no opinion…


Of course, there’s another natural (almost canonical) direction on how to generalize this scheme. Let’s go back to a two-state switch with a single input. Have a 2-row user defined matrix that defines what output channel the input goes to in the two states. Etc, yada yada… All these plugins should be relatively low cost to produce but they would allow extreme user flexibility. It’s almost like going from a programming language without branching instructions to one with them. Without them you are extremely limited. With them you’re almost turing complete…


This sounds ideal! Looking forward to it.

The skeleton for the plugins have been made. All the code is written and tested on my MOD.
What I’ve made so far:
-2 mono in, 1 mono out
-1 stereo in, 2 stereo out
-2 stereo in, 1 stereo out
-2 and 3 midi signals in, 1 midi signal out
Still working on 1 midi in, 3 midi out
All they need is a propper GUI which is the next step in the process!

stay tuned!


I was just about to post to see if there is a stereo switchbox (1 stereo in, 2 stereo outs). With some creative “wiring” I can use it to change the placement of a plugin to two locations with a press of a button.

Looking forward to trying this out when available.

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All the switchboxes are currently in the unstable section of the plugin store. They will apprear as tuna cans since there is no GUI as of yet. The MIDI switchoxes do have a GUI made with MODSDK but no thumbnail. All GUI’s will be added soon but all plugins are working and ready to be used!
To get to the unstable section:
-make sure you have the web interface open.
-right mouse click and click on inspect.
-press console.
-type in enable_dev_mode() and press enter.
-type in $("#cloud-plugins-stable").parent().show() and press enter.
-exit the console window.

Now go to the pluginstore and deselect stable only and you are good to go!

Feel free to leave feedback here on this post!


I need to make some small corrections here…

developer mode has nothing to do with unstable plugins

correct, but starting with 1.5 you can just tick a box in the advanced settings.

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I’m looking forward to using this in my pedalboard!