Auburn Sounds Plugins for Mod Devices?!


I’ve spoken to the developers via mail and they’ve expressed their interest in adding to the plugins but they said that it would be hard because they use LV2 plugins with instance access.
I have no idea what that means but perhaps there’s a workaround or a way for y’all to collaborate with them on this??

Keeping my fingers crossed, cuz their plugins are FIRE!! :crossed_fingers::pray::pray::pray:

For those that don’t know, they have an awesome autotune plugin with creative extras.
A great transient shaper.
A spatializer tool(LFO/panning/reverb).
A new high quality polyphonic pitcher.
A really good multiband compressor & a creative gater plugin :smiley:


Some info on “instance access” in the LV2 docs: LV2 Instance Access

As you see this breaks the dsp/ui separation, which is key to how the MOD environment works (the web UI is separated from the DSP).


true for the GUI to open, but we cant use that on browser side anyhow.

controlling parameters is still possible through an alternative GUI.
the big problem is typically such GUIs interact very closely with the DSP side, hopefully it is just for fancy meters that are not necessary for the actual function of the plugin


@falkTX X @dreamer

All of this sounds way too complicated for me :sweat_smile:

I’m just curious what u guys think? Excited or no?
I could let them know what y’all are thinking?

I have talked to Auburn Sounds in the past and they are very pro Linux and pro LV2.

One of the bigger bottlenecks will of course be getting a nice UI that properly reflects their brand. The UI of their plugins is quite a big part of it (which is also why even some simple metering makes a difference in the total UX).
So I can imagine that maybe they don’t want to “port” their current plugins as they wouldn’t be able to fully represent them inside MOD.

Maybe they’d be interested in developing something new though. This will however required additional development efforts. Both on the DSP and UI side (it should still sound/look/feel like “Auburn Sounds” plugins).