Assigning plugins parameters

Is there an overview in the web interface of all the assignments made so far?

So that you can see all connections at a glance?

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Not really
The “device” kinda provides one, but only on duox and dwarf and obviously only for device assignments.


Thank you @falkTX for the quick answer.
If it is technically possible to also display the MIDI, control chain and CV assignments it would be a great help for me because a lot can be assigned and I forget some again.
Your device is modular fun.


agreed! i’ve also floated the idea of a parameter assignments editor - for complex pedalboards, it would often be way more efficient to be able to edit everything in a big tabular layout, rather than hunting and pecking through the GUI.

but i think these things would need some significant dev time…


With such a function, however, the instrument would have even more a playful added value because you could try out and correct different assignments much faster.
Also, if you download a pedalboard from the great you can very quickly see the existing assignments.


that’s a very good point! i’ve been a bit reluctant to upload pedalboards, because they typically rely on a lot of external controllers to be at all usable… the ability to quickly parse assignments would be really helpful wrt understanding what other folks are doing in their boards!


Yes! Fast interchangable assingments would be great to correct and re-organize the pedalboard assingment pages. It’s very hard to do now, with large pedalboards, because you don’t know which parameter is assigned where at first sight.

For example, a list with the name of parameters wich could be interchangeble, like dragging cards… Yes, I know its easy to say but no to do it!! :-p