Assigning plugin virtual controls to DAW connected MIDI controller

I am confused, but here goes.

Following my last post (thanks again for pointing me in the right direction). I can now use my Launchkey mk2 connected via Ableton to play a synth generator hosted on a pedalboard in my ModDuo.

What I, now, want to be able to do is assign physical controls on the Launchkey to adjust values of controls on pedalboard plugins (especially aforementioned software synths).

I haven’t found a way to allow ModDuo to ‘see’ physical keyboard controls and so I haven’t been able to assign them in the usual way

I have had partial success:

  1. I fooled ModDuo by first setting control assignation using my FCB1010 controller
  2. Used Ableton’s envelope capability, setting Ableton to send values on the same channel to the same CC command as those used on the FCB1010, this worked and pre-set values were sent and the ModDuo responded appropriately
  3. However, when I try to have Keyboard send values, nothing appears to happen.

As an example, I set ModDuo to assign Pedal B on the FCB1010 to a rotary control on the synth. I set the envelope settings on an Ableton midi clip to send values using the same CC number (7). I created an ‘envelope’ and played the clip. On the browser interface, the rotary control values increased and decreased in line with the envelope. However after clearing the envelope, and using the keyboard’s Master Slider (CC 7) nothing happens.

Has anyone done this, and can you please help me?

Thanks for reading



Hey @johnbury, I got a bit confused with your post. making MIDI assignments to plugins parameters should be extremely straightforward if the controller is sending CC messages. Check here how to do it.

If the controller is sending MIDI notes is also possible, but you will need to convert the notes into CC using the MIDI Note to CC plugin. And then you need to make use of the Virtual MIDI Loopback port (a new feature, make sure that you have it activated) to re-route this CC message into the device.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

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@jon I will spend some time looking at the suggestions you sent to me (thanks).

Making midi assignments from a directly connected controller isn’t a problem. My controller is ‘routed’ through Ableton and so far, I have found it a bit hit and miss.

To be honest, I don’t think this is a Mod Duo issue. I raised this issue in the hope that other Mod Devices users (who are very, very helpful!) had achieved this and could help me.

In Ableton, it I use the rotary or slider controls, the midi activity appears only to show ‘input’ and not ‘output’. The Pitch Bend and Mod Wheel controls show both, and these (i now find) I can map using the usual assignment method. I guess I will try the Ableton forums and see if they can tell me what I haven’t done correctly!



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Hmm ok, so how you are connecting? Via USB or DIN MIDI?

Make sure you are using CC messages out of Ableton.

Actually, I also don’t think it is. Anyway, if I can I will help you. Have you tried perhaps the same setup but connecting to another computer and in this other computer checked with a MIDI monitor what is incoming?

Yep. I actually think I know what is your issue.
Have you enabled on Ableton whatever is your MIDI interface to the Dwarf as a MIDI output?
Check here how to do it.

Jon :wink:

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@jon I think I am there! I created my own problems (as usual!). I unset some settings Ableton had configured automatically and then I did not add other settings (based on advice from a supposed related youtube video). My Midi configuration now looks like this:

I can now assign Mod Duo plugin virtual controls to ‘some’ of my LaunchKey physical controls in the usual way. At the moment I am limited to the 8 rotary controls and the Pitch and Modulation wheels.

The sliders and buttons are not detected…

when physical keys, rotary controls and pitch and modulation wheels are actuated, the Ableton GUI flashes 2 ‘squares’ in the top far right corner of the screen


When physical sliders and buttons are activated, the Ableton GUI flashes the only the top square of the immediately to the right of the ‘Key’ rectangle. It appears that those ‘messages’ are not passed out to the Mod Duo by Ableton as it is currently configured.

I need to do more digging on this. I will read the article on the link you included in your reply… I think this also links to some more advanced guidance.

I will report back!

Thanks again for your insights and interest.



We all do. Don’t punish yourself for that and call it “challenge” :wink:

If it sends MID CC it’s super straightforward to assign. MIDI notes are more meant to play the generator plugins, but you can also assign them with the workaround that I showed you before. The same is valid for pretty much any other type of MIDI message.

What type of MIDI message do they send?

As far as I remember the top one flashes with MIDI in and the bottom for MIDI out.

Cool! Please do it :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile: I’m happy to help.


I think I have it! It was soo simple!!!

I modified MIDI settings in Ableton, removing the default Launchkey control surface settings


This seems to divert everything but the control wheels and rotary controls for use in controlling Ableton itself (track and master volume, track selection and control etc).

Without this setting, all buttons and sliders now send midi into Ableton and it sends it out again. As a result I can assign Mod Duo instrument controls to anything on the keyboard. I have noticed that buttons don’t work as required; they do not seem to toggle (i.e. it can switch off but not back on and vice versa).

I guess I can add any Ableton control I need from Ableton’s midi mapping / key mapping views.

Thanks again for your input.




You’re welcome :slight_smile:

This is probably a result of the implementation of MIDI on the controller. Anyway, there are ways to go around it.
Have you checked the Advanced settings for assignments on the Duo?

If that doesn’t work, I think you can workaround with some CV plugins.

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I have seen the ‘Advanced’ option on the assignments, but for the only button assignment I tried (On/Off), it only allows me to change the label text.

As far as CV and associated plugins, I know less about them than I do about MIDI! How do they work in this context?



Can you point me to the plugin?

On this, I understand, it can be quite overwhelming and we are actually working on ways to better and easier convey the benefits of CV plugins in the platform.
For now, I would recommend you to start here.

Let me know if that helps you :slight_smile:

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Hi Jon

Thanks for your reply.

I have only tried two synth generators MDA DX10 and AMSynth and both only offer label changes when assigning the power switch to a keyboard button.

I have taken a quick look at the CV link you provided, and ‘Wow!’ I didn’t know these things were possible. You have given me hours of further exploration and twiddling!

I think I have plenty to get on with now, and am in a far better place thanks to your help and the pointers you provided!

Have a great day!




No worries :slight_smile: We are here all to help :wink:

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