Assigning midi CC channel 1 problem

I’m trying to assign a midi CC message to a parameter on a pedalboard in my Dwarf (1.11.4). It works fine as long as I use midi channel 2 to 16 but I cannot assign a CC using channel 1.
I have checked that the message is actually being send - and it is.
I have other assigns on channel 1 that I did some time ago, so it can be done :slight_smile:
Any ideas or hints to what I’m doing wrong will be much appciated.

Best regards Peter Olsen

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Have you entered a midi channel in the dwarf setting at midi for program change and/or snapshot change. ?

I have fiddled with those setting too. I have tried assigning channel 1 and 2, channel 3 and 4, and setting both to “off”. None of it seems to make any difference.

I tried assigning CC’s again today, and for some reason it now works. I did try rebooting both Dwarf and PC, when I couldn’t get it to work, so I have no idea why it suddenly works.


Often you just have to accept the unknown. :wink:
Good to know that this problem is (almost) solved.


I think … I know what went wrong. I was working on a pedalboard, that had a lot of CC assingments already done, and on channel 1 the first 20-30 CC numbers had already been assigned - but I had forgotten about them, and tried to assign the same CC numbers to other parameters.

Apparently it’s not possible to directly assign a given combination of channel number and CC number to the control of more than 1 parameter. It would be nice, if the editor would show an error message, if an attempt to “reuse” an already assigned CC was made!


If it is for a MIDI CC mapping that is not needed.

That’s really weird. Perhaps something wrong with the connection? Are you using USB MIDI or TRS/DIN MIDI?

Anyway, I’m glad it worked:)

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