Assign more than one function to a Knob/encoder

Hey, a couple of mod owners mentioned atm you can assign just one parameter to one knob/encoder! Is there an update planned solve this issue or is that not possible?

I‘m waiting for the duo x To arrive and i backed the dwarf too! I love the concept but being able to create little one knob devices with it would be very essential for me!
Fingers crossed!!!


hey @VZI… still not possible through the normal parameter assigning method, but you can do this by assigning your knob/encoder to a CV control plugin (i.e. Control to CV), and then turning on “Manage CV Ports” to name the CV output of that plugin. then, that allows you to assign that named CV output to any number of plugin parameters via the CV tab in the parameter assign dialog.

it took me a while to realize that there’s a whole bunch of CV “machinery” available in our pedalboards now, even if we’re not interfacing to external analog CV devices – what’s possible is pretty deep!

see HERE to get you started. :slight_smile:


@plutek thanks for the heads-up, this is awesome! I’ve been looking for a way to control many plugins at once since I got my first Duo. Just for the record, when naming the CV output, you also have to check the box in front of the name otherwise it wouldn’t be assignable - took me a couple minutes to realize that.


Whoa! I had no idea! This looks really cool!

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yeah, i’ve been playing with it a lot over the past few days and it really opens up so many possibilities! :man_factory_worker::boom::wink:

Actually, is there any information on the pinouts and hardware specs of the CV in/out ports themselves? I’m just wondering what I can plug in here (without damaging my unit). For eaxmple, can I just hook up a pot, or is that not how CV works?