Artiphon 1 midi controller

Just wondered if anyone has tried using the Artiphon 1 midi controller with the MOD Dwarf. I looks an interesting piece of kit.

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In theory, any midi-compliant device connected to either DIN or USB ports should be recognised by Mod units.

Those connecting via Bluetooth, WiFi or other non cabled means may or may not work, but it’s not possible to predict.

If by Artiphon 1 you mean Instrument 1 – that midi guitar controller of theirs, my guess (and please notice the bold italic) is that it should connect without issues. If however it requires an app to be set up and/or generate midi notes, then I wouldn’t put my money there. It would have to be an equipment with standalone midi operation.

Being that even Roland produces equipment that’s not fully class compliant and/or with stripped midi implementations, you should try to gather more information about it before making an investment.

(BTW, in their website they say Instrument 1 is “the first MIDI controller that lets you strum, slide, tap, and drum any sound.” That argument is 40 years late. The Synthaxe did all of that in the 80s. Future Man plays a SynthAxe, now in a different casing.)


Their manual states that the “Instrument 1” is Class-Compliant MIDI controller so it should be fine with ModDevices.

See page 7 of their manual:


It won’t work directly for sure, but if you have any device converting the Bluetooth MIDI to “normal MIDI” between the controller and the MOD, it will certainly work like any other MIDI controller.

@QuestionMarc is right about that, you should be sure that the hardware itself sends MIDI, or at least (if you are ok with that) you can take MIDI out of some companion app.

everything is “the first” nowadays…normally it’s actually not :wink: It’s just another case like that :sweat_smile:

Yes, they state directly “third party software”, so it should be totally fine.


Cheers for all the replies. I’ll have a think about it. Might actually go for the Fishman Triple Play as there’s been a lot of positive vibes about that.