Are we getting the posibility of creating pedalboards inside MOD soon?

I have DWARF since 2021, more or less. I realized I tend to not use it as much for the last year or so because it’s quite tedious the process of plug in into a PC, create a possible pedalboard I think I would use, map everything, getting into the rehearsal, realizing I forgot to add something: map a parameter, something is not working properly, etc. Or thinking “this strange effect I didn’t think about would be perfect for this song” but I don’t have if anywhere, for example

Even simple stereo pedalboards would do, really, I don’t need really complex pedalboards. Anyone knows if there are any plans for this?

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Define “soon”.

Without a robust company with extensive development team (right now there is basically just 1) it’s unrealistic that such a complex feature would see any development “soon”.

Of course that doesn’t mean that it’s not high on the wishlist, but it’s also very much not trivial to implement.

I think a basic “single chain” edit feature could definitely be very useful. Maybe as an MVP even limited to just effects and a limited number in the chain, say 5 or so. Although I worry about “feature creep” with even a “basic” idea like that.

For me personally I really prefer the ability for more complex ideas with parallel processing etc. which would be near impossible to do on the limited screen and interface of the MOD units.


soon: definitely not
future: hopefully, if the capacity of the team gets to expand


Are you that one person on the development team then?