Are there any visual tutorials on deploying lv2 plugins into a Mod Dwarf?

So, I finally ordered a Mod Dwarf (so impatient for its arrival!) and I’m trying to learn about introducing lv2 plugins and gen~ plugins into it so I can do it directly when it arrives. Although there is a video tutorial on gen~ plugins, I can’t find anything similar with LV2 plugins. I know there is an entry in the wiki but I found it a bit confusing since I have never been involved in programming and code. So, there is any visual resource on introducing LV2 plugins into the Dwarf? Thank you!


We are glad that you will soon have a new MOD Dwarf with you.
It seems that you did your research by finding our materials on the wiki.
There’s nothing like that in video produces by us, but maybe someone in the forum can point out something. @falkTX do you know something?

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Developers tend to not like to make videos :stuck_out_tongue:

Typically for beginners I often recommend to go with DPF rather than pure/raw LV2, as it is much more high level.
I am the author of DPF, so feel free to ask anything related to it.
If you can understand the examples in DISTRHO Plugin Framework: DISTRHO Plugin Framework then all should be good.

We have in the plans to make it easier to bring developers to the platform.


Hey! Thank you! That seems really interesting and I feel it’s a more approachable way of getting into creating plugins (that are one of my long term goals)

But what about the process of getting them into Dwarf? I mean, taking a pre-existing LV2 plugin and “installing” it into your system so you can use it as a pedal. Maybe that’s not possible without some knowledge on programming? (or maybe I’m not understanding something, which could be perfectly possible since I’m totally newbie in this field).

Thank you!

Without being a developer this will be difficult. The right word for such a task is packaging/packager - getting existing software to build and install on a specific system.
In theory, most projects would be just a matter of setting up mod-plugin-builder, importing its environment variables and start building.
But lately a lot of plugins are done with JUCE, for which without official LV2 support makes this process much more difficult than it needs to be…

Well, it’s okay, I’m sure I’m not gonna running out of plugins to try anyway! Thank you :slight_smile:

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