Are there any timestretch plugins?

I am very curious to do real time timestretching. I don’t mean pitch shifting, where the tempo stays the same but the pitch changes. I mean oldschool timestretching, where the 1 second input becomes 20 seconds of output - just like slowing down tape.

I understand it’s a very unique thing, because it wouldn’t appeal to most MOD users who are playing guitar or something like that. Also, there would need to be a massive buffer if the output is dramatically slower than the input - just to keep capturing audio.

But I figured I would ask.

Possibly the only way to do this is not real time, but a looper which you can slow down.

But if anyone knows of other hardware solutions for this, please let me know? Lots of guitar pedals now have a ‘learn mode’ where a loop can be slowed down, but I assume none of those do this in real time, because yeah, you would need a lot of audio buffer, and most people wouldn’t see the value in it.


haha… well, it would appeal to me! …i’ve been pining for something like this on MOD! even just a recorder with arbitrarily variable playback (and/or record) speed would be awesome. i’ve been thinking about trying to do it in gen~, but just haven’t had time…

when i used to perform with a linux laptop on stage, i used jesse chappell’s sooperlooper all the time, which is great for this.


I’m trying to get away from computers as I use them all day for work. But I used to use Augustus Loop with a laptop. It has very tape like features.

I also used to just use tape loops on stage - nothing beats the real thing.


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best library would be Rubber Band Audio Time Stretcher Library probably…

but its not a ready made plugin :slight_smile:

rubberband-lv2 is an official plugin.
I think I added in beta, not sure now, but performance is subpar, so not really ideal.

in any case, that is not what was asked. time stretching on realtime can only do so for reducing speed (as it obviously cant look ahead of what is yet to be played).
but even in this reducing-speed mode, not being realtime means at some point it will have too much data and needs to start to discard stuff.

likely makes more sense in a looper yeah

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