Are the power supplies grounded?

I’m guessing the same power supply is used for all units, but if not, I’m specifically interested in the mod duo and the dwarf. Obviously the power supplies themselves are grounded (having a 3 conductor wall plug), but what about the 2 conductor cable going to the mod? Are one of those conductors at ground?

My reason for asking is I’m building an expression pedal powered by the mod’s usb that uses capacitive sensing. Capacitive sensing is much more stable when the microcontroller is grounded.

Thanks in advance

From what I observe, the mod doesn’t get a ground connection through the power supply, but through the signal input. So if my guitar is properly grounded (which it is as long as I’m touching the strings), it works. This expression pedal works really well, so I might make a video showing it off and explaining how to build one if there is interest


Yes Thanks!

If you are using an amp for the sound output, it should ground everything as well.

For anyone interested, i put the code and a schematic for my diy expression pedal using capacitive sensing on github. It’s a super easy project, suitable for beginners


The video idea would be really great :slight_smile: please share it

To answer directly to your question (just noticed that you were left with no clear answer…sorry for that), as you said well, the 3 pin PSU are grounded. The 2 conductor cables going to the MOD are not.

Ah thanks. Yes that’s what I thought

Btw, I probably won’t make the video any time soon (if at all). I figured the github repo is sufficient for anyone interested in making their own

That’s fine :slight_smile: After I saw your schematic and it’s so lovely :grin: I just had a doubt if it works with any foot or it needs to be that type specifically (just kidding here :sweat_smile:)

It only works with the feet of people that are down to earth