Arduino Shield - MOD doesn't remember the assignments

Hi all,

With my home-built arduino controller I can assign actuators to parameters, and save the pedalboard, but if I unplug the controller and plug it back in again it’s all been forgotten. When I plug it back in it says “new device” every time. Is there any way to get it to remember the assignments when it’s plugged back in.

Incidentally I have the opposite problem with midi controllers: if I assign the knob on a midi controller to a parameter, that parameter then gets locked in the UI - you can’t adjust the parameter (other than on the controller) unless you unassign it - even if the controller’s not plugged in.

I think when you unplug a controller they should be editable through the UI, but when you plug them back in again they regain control.

Has anyone else had trouble with this?



The assignment isn’t actually forgotten. That’s a known bug in the control chain devices domain. If you reload the pedalboad you’ll see the assignments start to work again. This bug will be fixed as soon as possible.

That is a limitation of the current version and one of the most requested features. In a future version, the lock will be removed and you’ll be able to freely adjust the parameter either way, via the hardware knob or via UI.

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Thanks on both counts Ricardo. Glad to hear changes are on the way :slight_smile:

I’m running into (what appears to be) the same issue.

Any idea when it might be fixed?

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Hi @Chris_N ,

Do you mind reporting a bug here in the forum with the exact scenario you’re facing? All you need to do is to start a new topic from here:


Thanks, I’ve raised this: Assignments not consistently loaded for Arduino CC

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