Arduino Shield doesn't connect

Hi. Same trouble with the Arduino Shield I just receive.
I 've uploaded succesfully example “Button” (tested with ExpressionPedalToCC too) on the arduino Uno. Then when I connect it to the mod duo, arduino is well powered by mod duo but on mod-ui I’ve got “no control chain device connected” at the bottom right.

I tested two differents rj45 câbles which works great with my computers.

What is the version of the Arduino library you are using?

I downloaded and install the last version of controlchain lib 0.5.0, and last arduino IDE 1.8.4.
Note that my board isn’t an italian production but a “kuman” (chinese) one, it might be a cause.
(I’ve got a leonardo too, but build doesn’t works with that library).

Because of the way the shield uses serial port, i’am not able to print something to serial monitor (Serial.print()), I am beginner in C++.

Hi, just bought a new arduino uno, it does exactly the same.

Hi, I just re-read all documentation, and I really can’t see where I am wrong.
As I said, code is well compiled, well sent on arduino, which is well powered by mod duo control chain RJ45 port, cables are good, arduino version is the last one, ControlChain version is the last one.

I tried differents arduino programmers…pfff, I feel alone.

Hello @houston4444, I’m contacting you via PM.